VIDEO-Gun Shop Manager Helps Thwart Potential Terrorist

Christopher Lee Cornell, the Cincinnati man accused of plotting to bomb the United States Capital and shoot at those running away is behind bars, at least partially because of the efforts of John Dean.Dean is the manager of point blank range and gun shop in Cincinnati. He says he was contacted by the FBI a few weeks ahead of Wednesday's arrest., but at the time, agents weren't able to provide him with much detail:"Not really. Because, they did let us know that what we would be doing is handling a sale for them.But beyond that, there were no specifics. They just said that they would keep us informed. And ifthe time came that we would have to be a part of this, that they would let us know."On Wednesday morning, Dean found out that he would play an integral role in the operation:"It was just a few minutes after we opened up. One of the agents stopped by and said that this person was going to be stopping by, probablyin about ten minutes or so. He let me know that he was probably in the market for two firearms, and asked us who would handle the sale. I said I woulddo that. And, sure enough, about ten minutes later, Christopher Cornell came in."Dean says that he initiated the sales process after an agent pointed out Cornell on the shops security camera.Cornell completed his purchase of two AR-15's, some extra ammunition and two additional magazines.Dean encouraged Cornell to take the items to his vehicle. Dean recounts, that's when operatives moved in."Several agents came from several different directions toward him. They put him down on the parking lot asphalt, just immediately face-down. The guns were separated from him."Those agents made quick work of the arrest. Dean says that there was no struggle from Cornell:"Absolutely not. No, he went right down. He saw the agents starting to come towards him. He stopped and did exactly what they asked him to do. There was no resistance that I could see. It just was obvious that that fight was not in him."Fight or not, Cornell will be charged with attempted killing of a U.S. Military officer and possession of a firearm with intent to commit a crime after tweeting pro-ISIS material, and taking steps towarddetonating pipe bombs at the Capitol. Cornell had been under investigation for a year before making his move toward the capitol this week. He currently sits in the Boone County Jail in Northern Kentucky, held without bond. As for dean, he's just happy that he was able to do his part in keeping people safe."I've been around firearms my entire life. It's always been a goal to make sure they don't get into the wrong hands."For now the man who helped thwart a terror attack is just looking forward to fading from the spotlight."It's been an exciting week. And, hopefully, next week we'll be back to normal."