Russian spy ship visits Havana on eve of US-Cuba talks | Caribbean News Now

Don from Canada:

Russia, is the ally of Cuba who helped Cuba when the USA started its Blockade to destabilize the Cuban Government.

Of course Cuba would want the Russian Government's take (and advice), during negotiations with the WORLD'S LARGEST TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, the USA.

How many different American DIVISIONS' and AGENCIES' are sitting at the table in Habana, waiting to get 'THEIR SHARE', of the 'CUBA PIE'?

Cuba, like Russia, is a 'Sovereign Nation', that has chosen to be governed by the, 'SOCIALIST MODEL' of Governance, so WHY SHOULDN'T IT, ask for some common assistance, to deal with the 'American Hegemony', that will inevitably surface during discussions with the USA.

I'm sure that China's input (another Cuban Ally), will ALSO be utilized by the Cuban Delegation, for consideration of course.

There's nothing wrong with this scenario, in my mind.

There will be NOTHING hastily decided at this first meeting, you can rest assured of that fact.

The meeting is intended for BOTH SIDES to put ALL their demands forward, FOR LATER DISCUSSIONS and FINE TUNING!

This is a GIGANTIC STEP FOR CUBA, who has withstood the Absolutely Vindictive Stance, of American (and Other) Governments, FOR THE LAST 50-PLUS YEARS!

Naturally, it will take MANY years' before the final agreement is ratified, I would ascertain.

More power to BOTH SIDES, for taking this GIGANTIC STEP in clearing up an Absolutely Ludicrous situation!