Court overturns penalty for LGBT youth support group founder, trial on ban to come | Queerussia.Info

On March, 25 judgement on penalizing Elena Klimova with 50,000 rubles (approx. $815) for the “promotion of homosexuality” in LGBT youth support group “Children 404” was overruled by Dzerzhinsky District Court of Nizhny Tagil. The appeal against the judgement of the magistrate dated January 23, 2015 was  allowed.

“We (me and my lawyer Dmitry Bartenev) believed the decision rendered was subject to cancellation due to being illegal and unjustified because 1) the lack of corpus delicti and 2) multiple violations of the procedural requirements for the case established by the Administrative Code,” said Klimova and added that an expertise carried out by an expert accredited by Roscomnadzor inspection body was entered upon the record. The expert did not find any “gay propaganda” indications in  Klimova’s activities.

In the end, judge Monakhova  took into account numerous violations of the procedural requirements. The case was sent to another magistrate for reconsideration.

Meanwhile, as reported by “Vedomosti”, Prosecutor General’s Office used the abovementioned court decision dated January 23, 2015 to take action on pro-Kremlin “Young Guard of United Russia” movement’s claim on blocking the “Children 404″ online community  due to “promotion of homosexuality among minors” and initiate legal proceedings. The court hearing on banning “Children 404″ is appointed for April, 6.

At present, as suggested by Elena Klimova, “there are no legal grounds for blocking Children 404″ group in VKontakte social network”, having the judgement overturned.

Around two months ago a petition  addressed to the Russian Prime Minister  Dmitry Medvedev was posted on the Internet calling “to stop the persecution of “Children 404″. The petition’s authors believe that the pro-Kremlin organization, “explaining their actions by interests of children, … are trying to deprive vulnerable youth, LGBT teens of information and support. Those who seek to close of the project, endanger hundreds of lives”. The petition was signed by around 9,000 people.