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Videos posted in advance of the event claimed that the group would “erase” the country from cyberspace. But the attacks seemed to have little effect, briefly taking down smaller websites and resulting in the release of a small batch of what was claimed to be personal data.

While Anonymous members have launched attacks on Islamist militants and child abusers in recent months, they have had mixed results and often failed to make any of the impact that has been promised.

The attack claimed to be carried out in protest against Israeli “crimes” in Palestine. But the name of the attack as well as the decision to launch it the week before Holocaust Remembrance Day drew criticism from many.

Twitter accounts and other users associated with anonymous claimed that over 150,000 pieces of personal information related to Israeli citizens had been leaked. They uploaded a Pastebin article about the achievement, and linked to that cache of documents — though none of them has yet been verified.

Anonymous videos claimed that “elite cyber-squadrons, from around the world, will decide to unite in solidarity, with the Palestinian people, against Israel, as one entity to disrupt and erase Israel from cyberspace”. But the country took down no active websites used by the government, or any

Sites that were hit — including an old website of the country’s economic ministry — were replaced with an image claiming the attack had been carried out by “AnonGhost”, and pictures of Muslim holy sites and Arabic script.

Israeli analysts said that most of the attacks had been coming from North Africa and the Middle East.

“It’s important to note that this is being led exclusively by the Middle Eastern contingent of Anonymous, rather than the entirety of the organisation,” Benjamin T Decker, an intelligence analyst at an Israeli risk consultancy firm, told Newsweek.