WLBT : Cochran staffer suspended following drug arrest

WLBT : Cochran staffer suspended following drug arrest

Cochran staffer suspended following drug arrest

Bob Burks

Posted: 04/24/2015 7:39 PM

WASHINGTON, D. C (Mississippi News Now) - One of Senator Thad Cochran's staff has been arrested in Washington on drug charges. Forty-nine year old Fred Pagan is charged with drug possession.

Custom and Border Protection officers in Cincinnati, Ohio, intercepted a package addressed to Fred Pagan which contained GBL, a well-known date rape drug.

Late Friday, Senator Cochran's office released the following statement:

“Senator Cochran is disturbed and deeply saddened by the arrest of his long-time aide Fred Pagan, and is suspending him of all duties pending the outcome of this case.”

According to court documents, when Homeland Security and Metro Police went to Pagan's apartment with a search warrant, He told agents he had ordered the GBL from a business in China and knew the substance was illegal. He also admitted to receiving three prior shipments.

During the search of the home, they found 181.5 grams of a substance that tested positive for Methamphetamine.  Full Story