Video Purports to Show Separatist Crucifixion by Ukrainian Nationalist Battalion - Veterans Today

“The views of some of them is their own affair as long as they do not break the law,” said Kovzhun in written answers to questions. “And the symbol is not Nazi. Trust me – some of my family died in concentration camps, so I have a well-developed nose for Nazi shit.”

The “Nazis” of today profess themselves admirers of the Ukrainian historical figure Stepan Bandera, who in the 1930s and 40s did indeed form an alliance with the German military. But maybe there was an element of mistrust in the relationship, and maybe it was an alliance based more on pragmatic reasons that ideological ones. That at least seems to be the gist of articles here and here. Again, though, what is fact and what is propaganda can be difficult to sort out these days.

Perhaps all that can be concluded with any surety is that Jews and modern-day Nazis have on some level formed themselves into sort of a mutual admiration society, and if that is the case then perhaps there is something significant in the manner of execution chosen by the Azov Battalion members shown in the video–this of course is assuming, again, that the video is genuine.

One thing, however, is certain, and that is that propaganda has become a battle hymn and is being amplified to a grade of thunder heretofore unseen and unheard. Lies–about virtually everything, but particularly about wars such as the one in Ukraine–are the rule rather than the exception.

And this means that the reality in which we find ourselves is very leaky and porous. Molds, and all the assumptions and beliefs we have for years managed to fit into them, are increasingly becoming faulty and inapplicable and worthy of being tossed. But maybe in a way there is a silver lining in that. For two molds that particularly seem to have exceeded their expiration dates are, 1) Jews as devout, holy, perennially guiltless, chosen by God, and unjustly victimized; and, 2) Nazis as vicious, depraved, bloodthirsty, sadistic and the personification of evil.

How many things on this earth are really that black and white? Not many. And for this reason it is probably time to toss both of them.