RICO-SurveyMonkey Review: SurveyMonkey – company took whatever money I had in my bank account - Complaints List

Last Updated On:October 21, 2014Filed On:October 2, 2012By:Victor MirandaReported Customer Loss =


A company by the name of Survey Monkey sent me a check for 1490.00, which I deposited into my account, waited two days to clear, on Monday the bank had cleared the funds of $1490, I than conducted my first assignment, which was to survey Western Union, there actions, knowledge, customer service skills, etc, and one of the task was to use the funds that they sent me to do a transaction, sending $1065.00 to a Joseph Emmanuel, pick up in Italy, Europe, transaction # 119-829-3048, on the 2nd of Oct my bank had called me and told me that the check was returned, and I had a zero balance, which money was also used to pay my rent, etc, tried to contact the company no answer, now Im in the position of over draft fee, insufficient funds, etc. person dealt with at that company was Lisa Ford