CNN Anchor Tweets ‘Hate Speech Is Excluded From Protection’ Under the Constitution…’Read It’ |

CNN “New Day” anchor Chris Cuomo drew plenty of Twitter ire Wednesday after saying that hate speech is not protected under the Constitution.

Twitter user Brett MacDonald tweeted at the “too many people are trying to say hate speech =/= free speech,” to which Cuomo replied, “it doesn’t. hate speech is excluded from protection. don’t just say you love the constitution…read it.”

As the Twitter masses descended, Cuomo defended himself, citing the 1942 Supreme Court ruling Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, which described “fighting words” that “by their very utterance inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace” and the punishment of which is not considered a First Amendment violation.

Cuomo’s response to one user included a specific reference to the shooting that occurred at a Muhammed cartoon drawing contest in Garland, Texas, in which he acknowledged the event was “easily [within the] law.”

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