JustOneMinute: The Obama Presidential Library Is Headed For The Windy City

From the New York Times, we learn that the Barack Obama Foundation has decided that Chicago is worthy of being the home of Obama's Presidential Library:

In an announcement posted early in the morning, the Barack Obama Foundation said the presidential library would be built in a park here, and not in New York or Hawaii, which were also considered. But the cheery message did not say which of two sprawling Chicago parks would be home to the library, nor did it mention a possible legal challenge to the project.

“All the strands of my life came together, and I really became a man, when I moved to Chicago,” Mr. Obama said in a videotaped announcement posted on YouTube. “That’s where I was able to apply that early idealism to try to work in communities in public service.”

Honestly, no one really believed the library was going anywhere but Chicago.  It's not like this was Obama vying for the Olympics or something.

The location of the library will be in one of two parks in the city, perhaps due to concerns of remaining asbestos in Altgeld Gardens:  

Being selected to host the library was a point of pride for many in Chicago, the city that nurtured Mr. Obama’s ascent from young community activist to state legislator and then United States senator. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Obama’s first White House chief of staff, made the project a priority, and the City Council voted unanimously to allow it to be built in Washington Park or Jackson Park.

However, there may be some legal challenges ahead, as building in city parks is frowned upon by some:

Building on parkland is a legally murky issue in Chicago, but state legislators passed a law this year intended to ease legal concerns. Friends of the Parks, a Chicago group that opposes private development on parkland, has filed a lawsuit seeking to block a narrative arts museum from being built along the lakefront. Though the group had publicly urged Mr. Obama to select a Chicago site that is not a park, officials there were not available to comment on Monday on whether they would ask the courts to block construction.

They passed a law?  How quaint.  This is Obama.  Surely Rahm could have just issued an executive order.  

But do give the Times credit for this: at least they don't use the word "professor" in describing Obama's stint at the University of Chicago:

The library will be built in a partnership with the University of Chicago, where Mr. Obama once taught law. Both parks are near the university’s campus.

And finally for the also-rans, there is this bit of consolation:

The Obama Foundation said it would collaborate with the other finalists, and mentioned plans “to maintain a presence at Columbia” and work with the state of Hawaii “to establish a lasting presence in Honolulu.”

Unfortunately, we will all be living with some form of "a lasting presence" from Obama after he leaves office.  Worse still, we will all be living with the lasting repercussions from the disaster of his two terms in office for generations to come.

MEMORY LANE: Back in 2008, Obama was that fresh-faced Senator who had never done much of anything other than run campaigns. At the time, I imagined what his Presidential Library would look like.

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