JFC NAPLES - Allied Joint Force Command Naples | JFC Naples rehearses TRIDENT JOUST 15

NAPLES, Italy - Allied Joint Force Command Naples personnel conducted mission rehearsal training 11 to 15 May, 2015, for the upcoming exercise TRIDENT JOUST 15.

The mission rehearsal training prepared members of JFC Naples for the upcoming NATO Response Force exercise, in which the headquarters will execute a change of control from Naples to its deployed exercise location in Cincu, Romania.

"TRIDENT JOUST will be a very demanding exercise," said Italian Army Lieutenant General Leonardo di Marco, JFC Naples Chief of Staff. "We are the first headquarters in NATO who has ever exercised the change of control."

Members of JFC Naples received information about the upcoming exercise, as well as simulated key procedures for the deployment.

The ultimate aim of the mission rehearsal was to ensure sound processes and identify all deployment requirements for the upcoming exercise.

TRIDENT JOUST 15 is scheduled to take place in June, and is part of a larger series of exercises called ALLIED SHIELD.

Twenty one nations and more than 1,000 personnel will participate in TRIDENT JOUST 15, which will reinforce the NATO Readiness Action Plan from the Wales Summit and project assurance measures to all NATO allies.

Story and photos by Allied Joint Force Command Naples Public Affairs