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by Scott Creighton

On June 19th, the Rutherford County sheriff’s office received a report from a fisherman who said he spotted a body floating in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock, N.C.

The body was later identified as that of Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet of Braselton, Georgia.

The body displayed a single gunshot wound to the chest and divers later recovered a pistol from the river.

Officials immediately declared it “appears to be” a suicide but their investigation continues.

This information, reported by Fox Carolina, is just about the sum total of coverage Dr. Bradstreet’s death has received from the so-called “legitimate press”

Let me see if I got this right: a working doctor taking care of patients with autism, which his son also suffers from, decides to kill himself so he travels a hundred miles to some obscure little river in North Carolina where he somehow manages to shoot himself in the chest in a deep enough part of the river that it requires divers to locate the gun that drops out of his hand when he pulls the trigger. Did he swim out there and shoot himself? Was he in a canoe which disappeared after the fact? Did he wade out in the river and shoot himself and linger long enough to toss the weapon out in the deep water as he slumped to his death?

Does anyone think any of those possibilities wouldn’t be laughed out of court were the local sheriff’s office to present them as the official story of what happened to Dr. Bradstreet?

Or, does it make more sense that someone killed him and transported his body and the murder weapon to some lazy backwoods river a hundred miles away where a search for the missing doctor would never reach and then dumped his body and the murder weapon in such a shoddy way that it resurfaced and was found by some fisherman?

I guess a little more information on Dr. Bradstreet is required at this point. If someone is going to suggest a murder and subsequent cover-up, then one must first examine the potential presence of motive and in this case, the motive might very well be a big one.

Our recent history is littered with accidental deaths and suicides of folks who had the potential to stand in the way of very important agendas.

The story of Aaron Swartz comes to mind. He was one of the founders of Reddit who led the charge against SOPA and CISPA and was very effective doing it. He also hacked into a library at the school he attended in order to release thousands of documents and studies to people on the internet for free. The Justice Department wanted to use that act to prosecute him but the school wasn’t really behind the idea and they eventually tried to offer him a 3 month sentence if he simply pleaded guilty so it wouldn’t go to trial. He refused. He said knowledge shouldn’t be reserved only for the wealthy and that it should belong to the people. He would have won his case and set a precedent in the courts that may very well have changed the way we view education.

Two months before the honey-dipped “Edward Snowden” psyop began and one month before hundreds of lobbyists traveled to D.C. to push for the new CISPA (which part of it was finally garnered for them via the new Freedom Act, thanks to “Edward Snowden”) Aaron Swartz was discovered by NYDP’s Special Ops division hanging in his closet, dead from an apparent suicide because, as the official story goes, he couldn’t face those 3 months in jail.

The story of Mike Connell also comes to mind. He helped rigged the election of 2004 which kept George Bush, and more importantly, Dick Cheney, in the White House. He’s the one Karl Rove supposedly threatened just before he was scheduled to testify in the King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association v. Blackwell case in 2008. Supposedly Rove told Connell if he didn’t take the fall for the election fraud in Ohio back in 2004, his wife would be prosecuted for some other offense.

On September 22, 2008 Connell was served with a subpoena in the case. On Dec. 19th, 2008, the plane he was piloting crashed on approach at Akron-Canton Airport. He never gave that testimony.

These are just a few. There are more like Vince Foster for example or better still, Dr. Bruce Ivins. You get the picture.

The point is, taking out people who stand in the way of what some view as progress is not something that just happens in the movies. It’s real and simply screeching “conspiracy theorist” at someone who calls these mysterious and timely deaths into question doesn’t work anymore. At least, not like it used to.

And that’s what they are doing in the case of Dr. Bradstreet’s rather mysterious end.

Over at Autism News they posit the following question: Death of Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet – should we believe the conspiracy theorists?

Only hours after his death, the conspiracy theorists were out in force. Erin Elizabeth on the HealthNut website stated…

Doubtful News offers more of the same: Anti-vax doctor dead of apparent suicide; conspiracists fired up . They even go so far as to suggest the “antivax” crowd’s “paranoia” is at the heart of this “conspiracists” theory:

‘There is speculation not only that Bradstreet was murdered but that another alternative practitioners death over the weekend suggests that there is some plot. There is ZERO evidence for this and the paranoia reflects the mentality of the anti-vax crowd who think they are right but everyone is out to get them. Of course the family doesn’t help by saying he gave his life for Autism. Will he be thought of as a martyr?!

The influence peddlers always do this. They always attempt to marginalize, early on in any discussion of any questionable event, anyone and everyone who dares to wonder about or discuss the circumstances of the official story in any way that sheds light on flaws in the story. They did this too me 2 weeks after the “Edward Snowden” story first broke calling me and a few others “Edward Snowden Truthers”

The idea is as old as the hills. Frighten people with public shaming into silence regarding whatever issue or event they are researching and writing about. It’s institutionalized bullying. Fox News was great at it back in 2002 and early 2003 when they were demonizing anyone who dared raise questions in public about how the various stories justifying the invasion of Iraq kept falling apart. It is as American as apple pie at this point. In fact, our current system of government probably wouldn’t survive for very long if it wasn’t so widespread and casually accepted as it is.

Funny thing is, when you see this kind of behavior launched so quickly and uniformly across the media spectrum, it should itself raise some red flags.

In this case the vaccine choice crowd is being warned to avoid discussion of any possible other explanation of this mysterious death because they fear they are already being labeled as “paranoid” and thus a further marginalization as “conspiracy theorist” regarding this certainly wont help their cause.

However, there is good reason to be suspicious, if not just due to the manner in which he supposedly took his own life, but also in the timing of it.

You see, Dr. Bradstreet was a leading advocate for vaccine choice in this country. He was firmly in the camp that believes and with good reason that some of these vaccines being pushed on parents to give their children are not only not necessary but are in fact unnecessarily harmful to kids. Again, he has very good reason to believe that. Like I said before, his own child has autism which Dr. Bradstreet believes was caused by a vaccine he was given at the age of only 15 months or so.

Dr. Bradstreet also treated children with autism through a controversial process of mercury cleansing. Mercury is an additive in some vaccines that many believe to be the cause of autism in these cases.

Upon mention of his death in various social media platforms, a number of people claiming to be parents of children he treated have left messages praising his work. In some cases they claim the effects of the autism have been completely reversed in their children and are thankful for his tireless efforts.

It’s hard for me to understand how some people would disregard the odd circumstances surrounding his death when one thinks about how he led his life and how much he seemed to enjoy helping so many children with autism. Had Dr. Bradstreet remained mum on the subject of mercury in vaccines, his passing would have been something that required a good deal more sympathy and national attention. But because he spoke out against something he thought was wrong, something that needlessly endangered a significant number of children for the benefit of Big Pharma.

You see, right now there is something underway in California which Big Pharma is definitely interesting in taking nationwide and that is the mandatory vaccination program they just passed via SB277.

Without getting too deep into it, SB277 is a majorly controversial bill which mandates public and private school students get at current standards, 12 vaccinations before being allowed to enroll. I have covered the unconstitutional mandate a little. I should have done more.

Back in April of this year, the fight was well underway when I started paying attention to it. Thousands of people showed up at the California legislature in order to voice their disapproval of SB277. So many in fact they had to postpone the vote on the legislation they were scheduled to take.

Well, that vote did take place and Big Pharma got what they wanted. Of course it comes in the wake of the clearly staged Disney outbreak, which was also conveniently timed when you think about it.

Here’s the timing: The FDA along with the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency raided Dr. Bradstreet’s offices the week before his so-called “suicide” which took place sometime around the 19th of this month. His offices could have been raided earlier the same week, which was last week. This week, on Thursday the 25th, six days after his body was found, SB277 goes back for the vote and is approved.

In a sense you have the same storyline developed here that you did with Aaron Swartz.

The Justice Department initiates some form of prosecution or threat of it via the raid which closed down his offices and the target ends up “committing suicide” rather than suffer the consequences of that prosecution.

It’s the same fucking story.

Dr. Bradstreet was an educated man and a clear, outspoken voice against the vaccine industry which stands to profit to the tune of billions of dollars in California alone with this new mandatory vaccination program they got shoved down the throats of the people of California.

Imagine just how much they will make if it goes nationwide.

That’s a lot of money and Bradstreet threatened to get in the way of that much like Swartz did with the telecom industry and the new CISPA they’ve been dreaming about.

And that’s a hell of a motive.

Now that he’s gone and there will be no prosecution, they can say they found whatever they want to say they found in his offices. They can claim he was selling child porn from his computers or crack out of his back door. Maybe he secretly worshiped the confederate battle flag if they want to be current or funded “ISIS” in Mexico.

The sky’s the limit.

But more importantly, with him gone they can now discredit his work in any way they can come up with, perhaps they write an unsigned suicide note in which he declares his work to be a fraud.

Like I said, the sky’s the limit.

By getting rid of him, they remove a vocal and believable foil to their nationwide mandatory vaccination ambitions.

By discrediting his work, they can effectively erase his scholarly contributions post mortem, thus diminishing their future effectiveness as well.

There’s a motive for you that makes sense. It doesn’t involve a doctor swimming out in the middle of a river shooting himself in the chest and it doesn’t involve him driving a hundred miles to the middle of nowhere to do it. It also doesn’t involve him abandoning his family and patients at a time when they needed him the most.

My theory involves an industry that stands to make billions and trillions of dollars on a product they put out which they know for a fact causes suffering and death in a certain, acceptable, percentage of the CHILDREN they force it on.

You tell me which makes more sense.

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