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By Martin Gould For and Associated Press

Published: 14:50 EST, 17 July 2015 | Updated: 23:04 EST, 17 July 2015




President Barack Obama's motorcade will bring Manhattan to a standstill tonight as he heads to the uptown home of a British shipping magnate for a $33,400-a-head fundraiser.

Obama and some 30 Democratic faithful will head to the luxury east side brownstone of 40-year-old George Logothetis and his wife Nitzia for the meet-and-greet that will boost Democratic Party funds by a cool million dollars Daily Mail Online has learned.

Logothetis, who comes from a wealthy Greek family, is a strong supporter of Obama's attempts to reform the nation's immigration rules to allow a path to citizenship for those who entered the country illegally.

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Glam Greeks: George Logothetis and his glamorous wife Nitzia, a psychotherapist who also comes from a Greek shipping family, are regulars on the Democratic fundraising circuit. The hosted a fundraiser in upstate New York for Obama last year

Mr Logothetis (center) and his wife Nitzia (right) were seen on Friday night outside of their luxury brownstone

Ms Logothetis and her husband will host President Obama and 30 others at the $33,400-a-head fundraiser

A tent was erected by event staff before the fundraiser that will significantly boost Democratic Party funds

Secret Service members and security officials stood outside the home before President Obama's arrival

Secret Service and others stand outside the Carbone restaurant while President Obama had an Italian dinner

President Obama's motorcade was in the West Village after he was spotted near Houston Street and Sixth Ave

President  Obama walks with his daughter Sasha, 14, on their way to board Marine One from the South Lawn of the White House bound for a fun weekend in the Big Apple. His 17-year-old Malia, who is interning in Brooklyn on the set of HBO's girls for the summer

Party hearty: Obama will spend the weekend with his two daughters Malia and Sasha. They team is expected to be at the fundraiser tonight and see Saturday's matinee performance of the hit hip-hop musical Hamilton at Broadway's Richard Rodgers Theater

Obama and daughter Sasha (R), along with two of Sasha's friends, boarded Air Force One to travel to NYC

President Obama departed Air Force One with daughter Sasha (left) and puts his arm around her (right)

Marine One passed over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York while carrying President Obama and his daughter

A large police presence was on hand for President Obama while he visited the posh uptown townhouse

After Obama left the fundraiser (seen above) the president headed downtown for an upscale dinner

Obama appointed him to the board of My Brother's Keeper, an initiative launched in April to help young black men stay on track and realize their potential.

And over the years London-born Logothesis has shown he tends to get what he wants.

He started work in his father's company, Lomar Shipping, when he was just 18. Within 10 years he was CEO and bent on expanding. He grew the company from just two ships to 70.

With his younger brother Constantine, he turned the company into the Libra Group which now runs hotels, leases planes and helicopters and is heavily involved in renewable energy.

Obama's motorcade leaves after $33k-a-head fundraiser

But life for the father-of-three is not all work. He insists on taking three months off every five years to give himself time to think about his goals for the next five, refusing to look at work e-mails or take business-related phone calls. 'Ideas need time to breathe,' he says.

During his first sabbatical he hit upon the idea of 'asking inappropriate people to do appropriate tasks' and set out on the company's expansion.

'We took all the great people from our shipping business, and sent them around the world to start companies. We ended up with a ship's captain running a $200 million real estate company and a Russian fruit seller who runs six biogas plants in Latvia,' he told Fortune Magazine.

Helping hands: Nitzia and George Logothetis attend Seleni Institute's First Annual Winnifred Mason Huck Leadership Awards in Washington DC with former speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

A look at the Santorini Grace Hotel owned by George Logothetis

Logothetis heads the Libra Group which runs hotels including the Grace Santorini pictured

Sweeping views of the blue sea from the Grace Santorini which is run by Libra Group

Now his family's fortune is said to be worth $1billion - and growing fast.

Logothetis and his glamorous wife Nitzia, a psychotherapist who also comes from a Greek shipping family, are regulars on the Democratic fundraising circuit. The hosted a fundraiser in upstate New York for Obama last year.

In April the couple were on the guest list for the White House state dinner for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The Libra Group also runs hotels in the U.S. including the Vanderbilt Grace in Rhode Island, pictured

After politics were over the rest of Obama's New York overnighter was set aside for time with his teenage daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Obama, Sasha, 14, and two of her friends bounded up the steps of Air Force One earlier in the day, eager to join Malia, who was already in New York.

Malia, who is 17, was spotted earlier this summer on the Brooklyn set of HBO's 'Girls,' where she reportedly was interning.

The father-daughter team is expected to see Saturday's matinee performance of the hit hip-hop musical Hamilton at Broadway's Richard Rodgers Theater.

They are seeing the show - based on the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton - at the urging of First Lady Michelle Obama, who called it 'the greatest piece of art I've seen,' after catching it during a trip to New York in April.

Obama is staying at Millennium's ONE UN New York hotel in a break from tradition.   

Standing guard: No parking signs and police cars dot the upper Manhattan street

The jet blast from Air Force One hit military members as it departed Andrews Air Force Base in Marland

On the street where they live: Caterers and police arrive on the block where the party will be held

A K-9 officer and a police dog searched the area around the home on Friday night for anything suspicious 

For decades, presidents visiting the Big Apple have booked into the famed Waldorf Astoria. But it was bought last year by a Chinese company and security experts fear it may be bugged.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the president was 'looking forward to a rare opportunity he'll have to spend a little personal time with his daughters in New York.'

Earnest wouldn't say what activities were on their schedule, but said journalists taking part in the weekend would be kept up to date.

He then quickly noted that journalists traveling to New York with the president would not actually be participating in his outings with Malia and Sasha.

'That might interfere with the personal nature of the father-daughter time,' he quipped.

When the Democratic fundraiser was over with, the president headed downtown for an upscale Italian dinner at Carbone in the West Village. 

Obama rarely stays overnight in New York unless he's there for business, such as the UN General Assembly. 

He's due back in Washington on Saturday night.

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