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by Scott Creighton

Normally a reliable source of information, the X22 report got tricked into reporting some disinformation that’s out there regarding what is supposed to be a photo of the Chattanooga shooter lying on the ground after being killed. You can see his mistake at the 34:30 mark of this video.

A Youtuber named “Edifying Others” posted this video claiming the body lying on the ground was just an empty jumpsuit, stuffed with something to make it look like it was a human form. That erroneous report was not only picked up by the X22 report but also over here at Your News. Here is the picture of the “flat body” that’s making the rounds.

The reality is, this clown took a video from another source and stretched the single still-frame image he took of the video in order to make this ridiculous claim. The real video is a video capture of a Fox “News” piece that aired yesterday I believe which purports to show the bodies of two of the victims lying on the ground in the back of the Navy compound.

As you can see, it’s two of the marines, not the shooter, and they certainly aren’t “headless” and “flattened”

Here is that video. It’ll probably be pulled soon enough.

The video is extremely valuable in that it shows they had a piece of heavy equipment pulled out of the garage that would have been perfect for picking that gate up off the track at the entrance to the parking lot and bending the top rail of it when it did so.

Here is the Sky 5 video. Lots of different angles. Another scene that might be one of the other victims near a truck. And more video of people walking around the car with not one single shell marker that I can see. You will notice in this same video, they have helicopter footage from the recruitment center which clearly shows casing markers already on the ground.

I’ve come across another image of the scene taken from above from a CNN report. It’s also very interesting mostly for what you don’t see.

There you have the location of the shooter’s rented car. You also have the location where that first video focuses on, with the bodies of those two victims.

So what don’t you see?

You don’t see the location of the shooter. Where he ended up.

Chattanooga police claim their officers followed the silver Mustang to this location and engaged in a shootout with the suspect. Photos of them taking position on the street outside the parking area are all over the internet.

If they followed him and engaged him right after he crashed through the gate, and if he returned fire right there after getting out of the vehicle, there would have to be shell casings all over that parking lot. But I don’t see a single one. I also don’t see any evidence markers signifying the location of shell casings like those in front of the recruiting office.

Forget for a minute that the car that supposedly crashed through that massive gate hasn’t got a scratch on it… that’s clear enough.

not a scratch on it

But where are the shell casings from this big fire fight the Chattanooga police supposedly had with the suspect?

And here’s another thing, look at how far from that car the bodies of the two marines are. They are all the way on the other side of the compound behind the building and another gate. How did he get that far while engaging in a gun fight with all those cops and more importantly, how did they end up killing him way over there without leaving a trail of brass across that parking lot?

The most important new discovery here is pretty obvious: where did the shooter end up because clearly that area is not pictured on that image above. I’ve blown it up to twice it’s size and I don’t see any other crime scene area other than the one where the two bodies are lying and the car is seen.

Did the Chattanooga cops follow him in the building and continue shooting? Did he ever go in the building? Did he shoot the other victims through the window?

Or, like I theorized yesterday, did they follow him through the compound til he made his way into the woods that surrounds it where he dropped the weapon beside the body of the patsy and escaped to a waiting vehicle on one of the access roads nearby?

That’s the only question I have.

Don’t fall for the “flatten body” disinfo that’s making the rounds.




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