Lafayette shooter John Russell Houser praised 'power of the lone wolf,' group reports |


John Russell Houser, who gunned down three people in a Lafayette movie theater Thursday, was a frequent commenter on ultra-right wing web pages, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported.

John Russell Houser was a frequent commenter on websites run by hate groups and extreme right-wing websites, the Southern Poverty Law Center said in a press release Friday.

The civil rights group, which tracks the activities of groups like the Ku Klux Klan, compiled a long list of examples of the 59-year-old Houser-- frequently under the name "Rusty Houser"-- praising the likes of Adolph Hitler and the Westboro Baptist Church and calling the U.S. a "financially failing filth farm."

None of the post make overt calls for violence, but in one 2014 post on a web forum for the New York chapter of a the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, he did talk about the "power of the lone wolf."

"I do not want to discourage the last hope for the best, but you must realize the power of the lone wolf, is the power that can come forth in ALL situations," Houser wrote, according to Southern Poverty Law Center. "Look within yourselves."

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