Dead Men Die Twice: Soldier Killed In Chattanooga Also Died In 2009? A Chattanooga Hoax (Video) | Alternative

(Before It's News)


(N.Morgan) The Power elite are playing all of their cards and in this latest development in regards to the Chattanooga military base shooting, one of the soldiers allegedly killed during that mass shooting had already died in Iraq in 2009!

This incredible information could blow the lid off yet another false flag op perpetrated against the American people.

I’ve included the links below so you can verify the information yourself.

Watch the FOX news video all the way through, this is how they are getting laws passed, by tricking us all.

Faking deaths, etc. In my opinion, neither “Larry” nor “Skip” ever died, he is a CIA agent working towards an agenda by tricking us all…


After reviewing this information and verifying it for yourself, ask yourself how much more are you willing to tolerate for the Elite?

What game will they play next?


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