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Recently, Louisiana became the latest state to attempt a massive ban on cash that would have resulted in making it illegal to use U.S. cash dollars in any secondhand transactions.

The law, called R.S. 37:1866, made it illegal to, say, go to a garage sale and buy a lawn mower with cash dollars. That’s right: It would have prohibited American citizens from using legal U.S. tender.

After an outcry by critics who called the law unconstitutional, Louisiana “amended” the bill to remove the widespread ban.

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However, rather than end the ban completely, the state government chose instead to narrow the focus, making it illegal to exchange cash dollars for gold or any precious metals. This, of course, brings to mind the 1930s when FDR banned the private ownership of gold by U.S. citizens.

And it comes at the tail end of a multiyear push to restrict cash use by American citizens.

Already the states of Florida, Texas, and New York have removed tollbooths from highways. Plenty more have installed cashless parking meters and banned cash at dumps and other local facilities.

In fact, when one man tried to pay his mortgage in cash at a Bank of America, he was arrested. A reporter from the Daily Kos (a liberal blog) was accused of “casing the bank” when he showed up to report on the story.

And these are just the latest examples of an attempt to restrict cash from moving around in the U.S. economy.

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Critics worry that this is “Big Brother’s” latest effort to monitor its citizens more closely.

However, new revelations – just leaked online – show a radically different cause for this government push… And one much more disturbing.

It would appear that there’s about to be a massive shortage of cash in America.

In fact, according to research just made public, the U.S. may already have less cash on hand than the GDP of Finland (a country with about two-thirds of the population of New York City).

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And it would appear that is all about to end with a scenario that the highest levels of our government and banking system have warned would devastate the country.

Janet Yellen, the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, has gone on record to call it America’s biggest economic risk.

A former official from the Treasury Department has described a scenario like this, saying, “Literally, your ATM wouldn’t work. You type in your code, no money comes out. You get your paycheck, you can’t cash it.”

According to a video – posted online HERE – we’re about to experience that firsthand. And very soon.

It comes from a private news and research network that usually reserves information like this for its private subscribers. How long the video will remain online we don’t know. For the moment, it’s available HERE (for FREE), and we’d strongly recommend you watch it right now.