VIDEO-CBS: Citing Email Scandal, Major Clinton Donor Would Flip Support to Biden If He Ran | Washington Free Beacon

BY:David RutzAugust 24, 2015 9:40 am

A major Hillary Clinton donor would flip their support to Vice President Joe Biden if he decided to enter the Democratic presidential race, CBS This Morning correspondent Julianna Goldman reported Monday, citing disappointment with Clinton’s handling of the private email scandal dominating the headlines.

The possibility of Biden joining the race has grown in recent weeks after an Aug. 1 New York Times report that he and his associates were exploring a run. Over the weekend, Biden met with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), a favorite of the party’s progressive base, adding fuel to the speculation that he could jump in and shake up the race.

“Over the weekend we spoke with one big Clinton donor, who says that they’re ready to jump to Biden if he gets in,” Goldman said. “They don’t know where Clinton’s email story is headed, and they’re disappointed in how her campaign is handling it.”

Clinton leads in the polls but has been badly hurt by her handling of the story behind the server, with nearly two-thirds of voters in key swing states finding her dishonest for passing classified information through her email and wiping the server clean. Her attempts to make light of the situation have backfired as well, with commentators pointing out many Democratic voters take the allegations against her seriously.