Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund Asset Development Plan (Greek Privatization Plan) Leaked (PDF) | American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

The privatization plan concocted by the Troika’s International Monetary Fund, European Commission and European Central Bank has been leaked online. It includes a vast array of nationally owned businesses, infrastructure and public services including:

It’s called the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund Asset Development Plan (PDF) and essentially, it’s the selling off of nearly all of the potentially profitable government functions of Greece.

Small government libertarians should be quite thrilled upon reading this plan. It’s like a Milton Friedman wet dream.

Telecom, public power, public gas services, the post office, ports, roads, railways and even the end-all-be-all of the privatization endgame… selling off the water services.

The water privatization plan is causing a bit of a ruckus over in Greece. As well it should.

You can see now why the MSM only mentions the airports being privatized. A comprehensive list like this makes it clear what the game plan really is: the privatization of the Greek government as a whole. This is the plan for Greece. This is the plan for the US in the end. We just happen to be heading in that direction in little baby steps (I guess because they haven’t succeeded in rounding up all the guns yet)

I suppose it’s no wonder that Alexis Tsipras took a powder before the full details of this betrayal went public. Talk about a sell-out, this guy literally sold off his entire country to foreign vulture capitalists and once it’s finished, the cost that will be imposed on the Greek people will go WAY beyond anything they can anticipate via the accompanying crippling austerity plan.

You should download that privatization plan PDF. Chances are, it wont be up for long.




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