VIDEO-Scarborough: Pro-Biden White House Sending Message to Justice Department About Hillary? | MRCTV

Has there ever been anything quite like this in the history of American politics? It's one thing for a president to encourage his veep's presidential ambitions. It's entirely another for a president to put his 800-lb. thumb on the political scales by suggesting to his Justice Department that he'd like it to launch an investigation of the veep's main rival. 

Today's Morning Joe was agog today at Obama press sec Josh Earnest's unequivocal pro-Biden statement of yesterday, in which Earnest said Obama considers his choice of Biden as veep the "smartest decision he's ever made in politics" and extolled Biden's "aptitude for the top job." That led Joe Scarborough to make the following observation, which should make the blood run cold in the veins of Hillary Clinton and her suppporters: "boy, the White House yesterday, they sent a strong, strong message to Hillary Clinton . . . you wonder whether they're sending a message to the Justice Department as well."