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Health benefits

We all know we need to eat more vegetables. But eating the recommended serving each day is not always easy, practical or tasty. Now you can get the health benefits of Kale, hailed as the King Of Vegetables, in one simple drink.

This SUPERFOOD is so healthily delicious that one serving a day will noticeably increase your health and vitality. And with fujiKale there’s no more cleaning, cutting, cooking, or wasted and spoiled Kale!It’s health made easy!

fujiKale is a Proud Sponsor of National Kale Day

Real People, Real Results!

People love the health benefits of fujiKale. And it tastes great too!

It’s easy, I love it, it’s good to drink. Anyone would enjoy it.” - Nancy and Jodi

There’s no preparation time. There’s no cleaning and washing. It mixes up very well, and it tastes wonderful.” - Rosalind S.

I know it’s great for my body; I have more energy. I feel a lot better since I added fujiKale to my diet.” - Leslie A.

I take fujiKale with me to school, I take it to work and then I take it at home in the morning. It’s just a nice, easy way to get some nutrients." - Travis D.

A couple of friends absolutely hate vegetables and I’ve talked to them about fujiKale it’s a great way to get the vegetables in their diet and it’s a simple and easy way to do it.” - Craig W.

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FujiKale can be taken in countless ways! As a refreshing healthy green drink or mixed seamlessly into any of your favorite foods!

Now there’s an easy way to get the health benefits of eating Kale without the hassle! fujiKale is easy to use on-the-go or at home with no refrigeration necessary. Plus there’s no need for cleaning, chopping, or cooking. fujiKale is USDA certified organic and comes in an ultra-fine powder form.

Simply add fujiKale to your water or favorite juice for an instant, delicious and healthy green drink! Or, you can easily add fujiKale to just about any recipe. Enjoy it in soups, spaghetti sauce, casseroles, and more. You can even mix fujiKale into chocolate milk or homemade cookies!

How it’s made

Exceedingly Pure, Sustainable and Healthy

fujiKale is USDA certified organic kale grown inrich soil with no artificial pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and other additives.

  1. Quality begins at the seed and we select only the best seeds from our best crops.
  2. Seedlings are nurtured in sheltered seed beds that maintain constant temperatures for optimal growth. When ready they are moved to outside farms.
  3. Our kale grows large and hearty in open fields, blessed by sunshine, rain, clean soil, and daily care from farmers who gently harvest the leaves by hand.
  4. We rush our kale to our factory for drying where it is pulverized at ultralow temperatures to best preserve its nutritional power.
  5. The kale is granulated into ultra-fine powder making it effortless and easy to dissolve in liquids and foods.
  6. fujiKale is naturally sweet, colorful and nutritious – the easiest way to get superfood nutrition into your daily diet!