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by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:Steven Harper uses current refugee “crisis” to promote more war in Syria and Iraq.

At various campaign stops yesterday, Harper paid lip service to the tragic death of Aylan Kudri  but mainly lambasted the Liberals and NDP for not supporting his war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Harper’s position is consistent with that of Obama, Cameron, Hollande and other western leaders who have tried to rebrand a neo-colonial war of aggression against  sovereign states as a “humanitarian” intervention


A little boy drowned and his body washed up on a beach in Turkey. The MSM in the US can’t fathom showing photos of a blonde woman running away after being shot 6 times because it’s “too horrible” and disrespectful to her family, but the bundle of pictures taken of the little boy supposedly lying dead in the sand is reprinted hourly across the media spectrum.

His name was Aylan Kurdi and he has literally become the poster child for the migrant refugee “crisis” that is currently occupying so much space on the airwaves right now in Western civilization.

But you have to ask yourself “why?”

The Kurdi family are Kurdish. That’s the first thing you have to know about this “tragedy” and though they are called Syrian refugees from the “Syrian civil war”, they really aren’t. They’ve been living in Turkey for 3 years in an apartment they pay rent for … and what’s happening in Syria is not a ‘civil war’

A Kurdi family member in Canada says that the family’s application for refugee status was rejected recently by the Canadian government because they did not fit the requirements as “refugees” That’s because they weren’t. They had been living well in Turkey over the past couple years as their Kurdish brothers did their level best to destabilize part of Syria in pursuit of Greater Kurdistan.

Unlike other refugees heading for Europe, the Kurdi family had lived in Turkey for three years before deciding to repatriate to Canada, where Abdullah’s sister had for several years attempted – and failed – to sponsor their asylum claim.

Speaking to the Canadian media, Tima Kurdi, a hairdresser who has lived in Vancouver for the past 20 years, hit out at the failure of western states to provide legalised safe passage for refugees, claiming it was solely to blame for the drownings. She said the family’s application had been rejected in June, a claim contradicted by the Canadian authorities, who said the application “was returned as it was incomplete as it did not meet regulatory requirements for proof of refugee status recognition”. Guardian

Their application did not meet the requirements of refugee status because, quite simply, they were not refugees. They were Syrian Kurds living in Turkey who wished to see a speedy regime change take place in their former country of residence.

There are real refugees fleeing Syria. That’s a fact. But they aren’t leaving because of the non-existent ‘civil war’. They are leaving because the United States under the left-cover of Barack Obama has been waging a proxy regime change operation using various terrorist groups from outside Syria, something detailed in Special Operations “Unconventional Warfare” plans for anyone who wishes to look it up.

But you can’t talk about that obvious fact in America right now. You have to say these displaced people are the result of an internal ‘civil war’ and not our ongoing criminal policies in various Middle Eastern and African nations.

Left to walk the final stretch into Austria, rain-soaked migrants – many of them refugees from Syria’s civil war – were whisked by train and shuttle bus first to Vienna and then by train to Munich and other cities in Germany…

British finance minister George Osborne said Europe and Britain must offer asylum to those genuinely fleeing persecution, but must also boost aid, defeat people-smuggling gangs and tackle the Syrian conflict to ease the crisis. Reuters

Notice how this ‘crisis’, this ‘dead’ child, is being used to serve various agendas. In Canada, the corpse of a kid is being used to push for changes to their immigration policies while the grieving father is “proud” of his drowned children being used in this fashion.

She said she hopes Citizenship and Immigration Canada stops requiring a document missing from Mohammed’s application because it’s impossible for people to secure the necessary paperwork amid a crisis in Syria…

Her grieving brother is proud of his kids for becoming a symbol of the dire situation facing Syrian refugees, and hopes to see leaders step in to end human smuggling, Kurdi said. NBC “News”

Of course, you can’t say the kids died because President Peace Prize unleashed Takfari terrorists and al Qaeda mercenaries in Syria in order to force a regime change in the country even though it’s pretty obvious when you look at where these refugees (the REAL ones) are coming from.

The majority of people taking on the perilous journey are from countries undergoing strife in the Middle East and Africa — such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Sudan and Senegal.The majority of migrants are from Syria, where a civil war has been raging for more than four years. The nation, along with Iraq, is also plagued by Islamic State militants, who have taken over large swathes of the two countries. USA Today

The refugees are being shipped into Germany and Austria like so much produce. The EU is talking about ways to figure out who gets how many  migrants as they flee our destabilization campaigns and Obama’s humanitarian drone strikes. They represent cheap labor of course and commodities like that have to be shared in a free market world.

Perhaps the most egregious example of yellow journalism on this subject comes, as it often does, from the New York Times which, remarkably, uses the plight of these displaced people to call for MORE aggression in the region.

THE image of a dead Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach has inspired a wave of Western soul-searching, with much talk about how “the world” failed 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, who drowned along with his mother and brother while trying to escape their country’s civil war. (they had already “escaped” three years ago and again, it’s not a ‘civil war’)

This reaction is understandable, but its policy implications are unclear. And since policy questions are where outrage ultimately cashes out, it makes sense to try to think through what it really means to say that we – America, the West, the world — failed the Kurdi family, and helped consign them to their fate.

One thing it might mean is that the world’s powers, the United States chief among them, had a responsibility to prevent the Syrian war from developing, and a responsibility to protect its victims once it did. (responsibility to protect. Where have I heard that?)

To a point, this seems plausible. The U.S. has very consciously accepted stewardship of global stability, and in Syria the Pax Americana has developed an ugly crack. And since our various Syrian forays — clandestine aid to rebels, airstrikes threatened and then held back, explicit aid to rebels — look like failures at the moment, we’re partially implicated in the continuing catastrophe. New York Times

“(S)tewardship of global stability”? The US? Are you kidding?

Iraq was stable until we Shock and Awed it for a series of lies killing a million and displacing 4 times that amount. We devastated that country for no other reason than greed. Now we are bombing it again and unleashing more Salvador option death squads to quell a popular uprising against our neoliberal free market regime.

Afghanistan was stable. Hell, the Taliban had decimated their poppy industry. Now the country is pumping more heroin than ever and it’s basically the Wild West over there.

Libya was a paradise compared to what it became briefly in the wake of Obama’s “humanitarian bombing” campaign and now that they have a real elected government, we are busy trying to decimate it all over again.

In Sudan they literally cut the country in two so we could install a brutal puppet thug dictator in South Sudan (which is actually where the refugees from that country come from)

And Syria. Of course, Syria.

The New York Times article suggests that had those airstrikes not been held back, then all might be well and good in Syria by now. It would be another Libya of course, but, according to that author, the “failure” of not dropping more bombs has prolonged the phony ‘civil war’ and therefore increased the refugee crisis.

So let’s sum this up so far. We have several agendas being tacked onto this particular “crisis”

  1. open borders in Europe
  2. shipping “refugees” from conflict zones to benefit various businesses across the Westernized world (slaves?)
  3. rewriting laws in Canada
  4. tackling the Syrian ‘civil war’
  5. and we can add one other… global warming

Yes, ‘global warming’ is rearing it’s ugly head in the refugee ‘crisis’ discourse. I kid you not.

Complete with a staged picture of a child smearing dry couscous on his face, this article touches on John Kerry’s attempt to utilize the ‘dead’ kid on the beach of Turkey to push his global warming agenda.

The hundreds of thousands of migrants arriving in Europe or dying on the way to its shores could be a harbinger of things to come, researchers and policymakers warn, because a potentially greater driver of displacement looms on the horizon: climate change.

As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned at a recent State Department-led conference on climate change in the Arctic, the scenes of chaos and heartbreak in Europe will be repeated globally unless the world acts to mitigate climate change.

“Wait until you see what happens when there’s an absence of water, an absence of food, or one tribe fighting against another for mere survival,” Kerry said.

“Wait until you see what happens..” . That coming from a man who is partially responsible for the current driver of displacement. Yes, he knows his government’s policies and actions are what caused the crisis in the first place. So what does it tell you when he says just wait to see what comes next? Kind of a threat, isn’t it?

Yeah, they never let a good crisis go to waste, do they?

Ultimately, the importing of the refugees across Europe will serve to destabilize their economies, driving down wages and putting a strain on their budgets. That of course will create yet another financial crisis in these countries and ultimately allow the banksters to push for more loans.

This will cause friction between indigenous populations and the new migrant work force (refugees), ultimately destabilizing the leftist “social safety nets” of these countries. Bankrupting them in fact.

And that of course serves the globalist’s ultimate goal of pressing the reset button on all those socialist policies that were implemented after the defeat of the fascist threat in WWII.

Refugees pouring into various countries will also have the effect of helping to convince the local populations that they have to get behind the idea that their governments should support “humanitarian bombing” campaigns in countries far, far away.

Did this child actually die? I doubt it. Remember, he was “found” on a beach of a private resort and his father is now “proud” his death and the deaths of every member of his family are being “used” to promote various agendas… like ‘humanitarian bombing” campaigns in Syria. Not really something that the Kurds would be opposed to. Especially displaced ones who might wish to return to Syria once it becomes Greater Kurdistan.

The timing also couldn’t be better to put a humanitarian face on Obama’s Hell Fire rockets raining down on various civilians in Syria and Iraq.

All in all, it’s pretty obvious what this refugee “crisis’ is all about.

Like this:



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