VIDEO-The ever-changing route of migrants into Europe |

The movement of thousands of migrants fleeing war-torn nations into Europe shows no sign of letting up. But the route they take is ever changing. Despite rumors that no more migrants were being let into Hungary, some are still making their way in along the border town of Beremend. With a cool, damp autumn on the horizon, they have only these temporary shelters to protect them for the elements. They're met by residents in the Hungarian town with mixed feelings. (SOUNDBITE) (Hungarian) UNIDENTIFIED BEREMEND RESIDENT, SAYING: "I don't think the situation is too good, unfortunately. I believe the situation might escalate into something even more serious." (SOUNDBITE) (Hungarian) BEREMEND RESIDENT, TIMEA ILLESNE POTHORSZKI, SAYING: "It doesn't affect me, no. And I feel ver y sorry for them. I sympathize with them, that is the truth. Last night too, I saw, that it was raining, so I feel wholeheartedly sorry for them." Meanwhile, thousands more migrants are streaming into Croatia from Serbia in the border town of Strosinci, where they then hope to head further north and west. More than 60,000 migrants have crossed into Croatia from Serbia in the past week, after Hungary erected a towering, steel fence along its border with Serbia. Syrian refugee Abdul Malek says he's at a loss, and doesn't put much faith in the authorities. (SOUNDBITE) (English) SYRIAN REFUGEE, ABDUL MALEK, SAYING: "Our food is finished. Our water is finished. And, as you see, there is a lot of ladies, and a lot of babies here. So what we can... what we can do? I don't know why they do like this for us?" EU leaders have pledged at least 1 billion euro for Syrian refugees in the Middle East and closer cooperation to stem migrant flows into Europe -- in what has become the worst migrant crisis since World War Two.