VIDEO-Miliband chides U.S. over Syrian refugee response |

International Rescue Committee president, David Miliband says the U.S. should resettle more Syrian refugees. (SOUNDBITE) (English) DAVID MILIBAND, PRESIDENT AND CEO OF THE INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE, SAYING: "So far, just over 1,800 Syrians have been admitted and with the greatest respect -- the respect of someone who is a visitor to your country even though I work here now but not yet a citizen -- I would say this 1,800 figure is not fitting for the global leadership role the United States has played over a very long period in refugee resettlement." The one-time British foreign secretary was scolding the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday...amid a European refugee crisis of unprecedented scale. Thousands continue to flood Europe's boat and on land...many fleeing Syria's violent civil war. (SOUNDBITE) (English) SYRIAN REFUGEE, OMAR, SAYING: "I am very sad to leave my country, but it is the only choice I have." While Washington has pledged to take in 15,000 more refugees annually over the next two years... The plan has faced stiff opposition from Republican lawmakers, citing fears about terrorism. But it's opposition David Milliband seems determined to break shaming the world's most powerful nation into doing more.