Russian Parliament Votes to Allow Use of Military Force in Syria

by Scott Creighton

When writing about a new development in Russia’s parliament today, Reuters couldn’t resist the opportunity to lie once again about Russian “aggression” in Ukraine. I’m so glad we have that “free and open” press.

The last time the Russian parliament granted Putin the right to deploy troops abroad, a technical requirement under Russian law, Moscow seized Crimea from Ukraine last year. Reuters

Note to the propagandists (Mockingbirds?) working over at Reuters: the people of Crimea held a referendum and decided they wanted to be part of Russia as opposed to part of the new neo-Nazi junta that seized control of Ukraine from the legally elected government that had been in charge. Held on March 16th, 2014, 83% of the people turned out to vote and 97% of them voted to become part of the Russian Federation. That’s called “democracy” not “invasion”

Today, the Russian parliament voted to allow the use of military forces in foreign countries. It’s a big step for Russia. Looks like they are getting behind their popular leader’s stance on Syria.

Russia’s upper house of parliament on Wednesday approved the country’s armed forces to be used abroad.

The decision includes only the use of the Air Force and does not foresee any ground troops operations, Kremlin Administration Aide Sergei Ivanov said Wednesday.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has turned to Russia with a request for military assistance, according to Ivanov. Sputnik International

At this time, the move only allows for the use of the Air Force but that would be a devastating blow to the Obama terrorist moderate destabilization campaign taking place in Syria. When you consider the fact that Russia, Syria and Iran have intelligence assets flying around in the skies targeting our “ISIS” troops, Russian fighters and bombers could put an end to the regime change operation very quickly were they so inclined.

It hasn’t been reported as of yet that Russian planes are flying missions over Syria. That will change very soon.

Putin has made it very clear that he thinks the only legitimate military presence in Syria is that of the Syrian people. The Russian position is a threatening one as they make it clear, US, French and other nations’ airstrikes in the country are illegal.

“As you all know very well, the United States… is launching airstrikes on the territory of Syria and Iraq, and maybe other Middle Eastern States. Recently France has joined the same analogous actions, Australia and a number of other coutnries are talking about the same thing.. I would like to note one principal moment — these actions are being carried out in circumvention of international law,” Ivanov told the press. Sputnik

The US position on Russia joining the fight in Syria is predictable. Regime Change has and always WILL be the ultimate goal.

“I would simply reiterate that when President [Barack] Obama met with President [Vladimir] Putin, they agreed that the United States and Russia have a common interest in fighting ISIL in Syria. However, our position is clear that President Assad is not a suitable partner for the fight against terror and extremism in Syria.  There is no sustainable path to stability within Syria that involves President Assad staying in power,” US Embassy spokesman Will Stevens

Fox “News” is claiming the Russians have told the US to halt all of their airstrikes in Syria. As is the case with most of Fox’s “news”, this has yet to be confirmed.

“BREAKING: Senior US official tells @JenGriffinFNC Russian officials demand US warplanes exit Syria immediately” Fox “news”

The push to create Greater Kurdistan is ramping up and apparently the Russians have decided to put a halt to it. By bombing our occupying force out of northern and eastern Syria, seems like the Russians figure some of those refugees could return to their homes rather than be shipped to various neo-liberal countries for cheap labor.

Anyone thinking this is going to end up with dog-fights in the skies over Syria between US and Russian fighters, I have news for you… ain’t going to happen.

The masters of the universe want their private central bank system implemented world wide but they are smart enough to know that Russia will not back down and short of a nuclear holocaust, they probably wont lose. With allies like Iran, China and India, our coalition of the willing fascists would be outnumbered instantly. Plus, they have the economies and the public will to endure a protracted war fought with conventional weapons and we don’t.

In the event of a nuclear war, what do they gain? A radioactive wasteland covering 95% of the planet? Where is the profit in that?

No. The Eurozone is tittering on the brink of collapse. The TPP and the TTIP are both faltering due to public outrage over their fascist implications. The great game on the Grand Chessboard is looking like our endgame wasn’t as well planned out as they thought it was.

My guess is, they feel it might be time to recoup, regroup and cut their losses. Lock down the countries they can and squeeze them for every nickle of public/private cash they can get. Sit back, learn from their mistakes, and plot and plan some more for the next go-round.

Of course, some loose cannon (Israel? Neocons?) might try to stir the pot a little by taking pot-shots at Russian pilots. That wont be good. But with their slipping public opinion position right now, I doubt even they are that crazy.

So don’t worry. This is not a bad thing. Don’t run out and spend you rent money on survival nuts and berries and water tablets from Prison Planet. Take a breath. Relax. Sit back and enjoy the breathless screeching from the MSM and the so-called “alternatives” out there about how evil Russia is.

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