VIDEO-CBS Pushes Retrospective on Obama’s ‘Evolving Anger’ on Gun Control; ‘Finds Little’ ‘Hope & Change’ | MRCTV

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Friday’s CBS This Morning offered extensive coverage of the deadly shooting on Thursday at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, but one of the segments took a broader, sappy look at pushing gun control through the lens of President Obama’s “evolving anger” on the inability to pass gun control measures through Congress where he’s found “little” of any “hope and change.”

With his third fawning retrospective on the President in less than a year, chief White House correspondent Major Garrett began by telling viewers that it’s simply “impossible to sum up all of President Obama's intellectual and emotion reactions to what he views as an epidemic of mass gun violence on his watch, but we can start with disbelief, compassion, frustration, and evolving anger.”