VIDEO-Experian data breach hits T-Mobile U.S. |

Experian, the world's biggest credit data firm, said a data breach exposed personal information of T-Mobile U.S. customers. Bobbi Rebell reports.


Experian, the world's biggest consumer credit monitoring firm, says a massive data breach exposed personal data of about 15 million people. Those victims had their credit checked by Experian in the last two years when they applied for service with the carrier, T-Mobile U.S. T-Mobile CEO John Legere said the data included social security numbers and passport data. But he said no credit or banking information was taken. He wrote on Twitter "I am moving as fast as possible to get an alternative option in place by tomorrow' This kind of exposure through a vendor is a growing concern says Cybersecurity expert Paul Kurtz, CEO of TruStar. SOUNDBITE: PAUL KURTZ, CEO, TRUSTAR (ENGLISH) SAYING: "It does give you an idea of how we have companies playing with each other's supply chains are attacked. T-Mobile was doing its business. It was relying upon Experian and Experian had a problem. This is not the first time this type of thing has happened." Experian will notify people by mail. It's offering two years of credit monitoring. The Experian breach is the latest in a string of massive hacks in the U.S. that have each claimed millions of customer records. The victims include the government Office of Personnel Management this year, a 2014 breach on the bank, JPMorgan Chase, a 2012 hacking of an Experian subsidiary, and a 2013 attack on the retailer, Target.