What is 'Weird Twitter'?

On the surface, most Twitter users look like they could fall into one of three main categories: business-minded marketers, fanbase-connected celebrities or tech-obsessed teens and millenials. Who else would really need to use Twitter anyway?But underneath all those Justin Bieber spam tweets and between every faceless corporate brand account lies a group of users that don’t care about promoting their businesses or stalking celebrities on Twitter. Instead, they’d rather tell offbeat jokes about everyday events and situations that often don’t make any sense at all.

Welcome to ‘Weird Twitter’ – a term used to describe a strange and non-existent place on the web where certain Twitter users tweet strange messages that make you laugh, make you confused, possibly offend you or do all of the above. Some people see it as a form of comedic genius, others see it as plain old Internet trolling. Whatever it is, it’s definitely weird, and it’s here to stay.

Weird Twitter is where proper spelling and grammar go to die.

To emphasize the non-seriousness of these very weird tweets, users often purposely incorporate improper punctuation, spelling, grammar and other awkward wording techniques that fit within the 140-character limit. It’s become one of the most obvious trends you can use to spot a tweet or user part of Weird Twitter.

Everyone has their own ideas and opinions about what Weird Twitter really is.

Unfortunately, ‘Weird Twitter’ can’t exactly be explained by any universal definition. Some users may themselves to a part of Weird Twitter, but others might disagree.

The general rule of thumb is that if a tweet is humorous in a weird kind of way and doesn’t user proper spelling or punctuation, it’s probably safe to say that it can be classified as a Weird Twitter type of tweet. That’s mostly all there really is to it.

Weird Twitter and @Horse_ebooks

People who know about Weird Twitter know all about @Horse_ebooks, the Twitter account that seemed to tweet out spammy, nonsensical and incomplete words or sentence fragments around the clock. For years, the entire Twitterverse was convinced that @Horse_ebooks was an automated spambot, but in September of 2013, the true identity was revealed to be a BuzzFeed employee who had actually been manually tweeting for the account as a type of performance art since 2011.Although the @Horse_ebooks account has now been retired from tweeting, it still represents an important and timeless component of what Weird Twitter means to us. Some of the account’s weirdest tweets, like “Everything happens so much,” and “Crying is great exercise,” have been favorited and retweeted thousands of times.

Weird Twitter and Favstar

A lot of people who actively engage in Weird Twitter tweets have a pretty strong connection to Favstar – a social Twitter analytics tool that tracks your best performing tweets and allows you to give and receive rewards to other users.More often than not, there’s usually nothing to say in response to the weirdest tweets. Instead, people favorite it to express their approval or agreement, or they retweet it if they think it’s funny enough to share with their own followers.

Well Known Weird Twitter Accounts

Besides @Horse_ebooks, there are a lot more users out there riding the Weird Twitter wave all the way to Internet fame and back. Check out some of the accounts below and see if you can get through any of their tweets without feeling at least a little weirded out. Chances are you won’t be able to.

If you follow the trend closely and spend some time looking at the other users that these famous Weird Twitter users interact with and follow, you’ll be well on your way to finding a lot more out there. A definite hilarious touch to a social platform that can seem overly promotional and noisy at times.