VIDEO-Bomb attacks expose cracks in Turkish society |

Police and demonstrators, angry at the government's response to Saturday's deadly twin bomb blasts, scuffle in Istanbul and Ankara. Mana Rabiee reports.


Demonstrators marching through Istanbul clash with riot police. They're angry at the Turkish government's response after Saturday's twin bomb blasts at a pro-Kurdish rally in Ankara that killed nearly a hundred people. Turkey blames Islamic State for the attack but opponents are venting their anger on Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, accusing his government of providing inadequate intelligence and poor national security. Hundreds of people tried to lay carnations on Monday at the site of the attack but were met with riot police. There have been similar scenes at funerals of the victims. Selahattin Demirtas, the leader of the pro-Kurdish parliamentary opposition, says he's angry. (SOUNDBITE) (Turkish) PEOPLES' DEMOCRATIC PARTY (HDP) LEADER SELAHATTIN DEMIRTAS, SAYING: "Even three people cannot come together for commemoration. .... They do not allow us to own our own funerals. The prime minister says this attack was carried out against us, against our unity, but he doesn't allow us to mourn." Opponents of Erdogan, who's led Turkey for 13 years, blame him for intelligence failings that led to the attack. But some are going further, accusing the government of complicity by stirring up nationalist, anti-Kurdish sentiment, accusations the government denies. And there's no shortage of potential culprits -- Islamic State, Marxist radicals, militant nationalists, Kurdish armed factions...highlighting Turkish society's deepening divisions.