Daimler Launches Internships For Refugees in Germany

Daimler announced Wednesday that it would help Germany’s growing refugee crisis by offering “bridge internships” to 40 people along with German classes, transportation for aid organizations and food donations.

The company would put to work some refugees who have flooded the country to escape violence in nearby Middle Eastern countries. In all, Daimler announced it would put to work “several hundred” refugees after a 14-week course in helping them to learn the nation’s language and construction practices.

Daimler joins Audi in offering help to refugees in Germany, after that automaker announced this summer that it would donate €1 million ($1.1 million) to aid organizations.

Germany is currently struggling with how that country will manage the millions of people who have recently flooded into the country.

“Immigration is an opportunity for Germany. As a company, we take social responsibility very seriously. With our ‘bridge internships’ we help refugees with their professional and social integration and offer an unbureaucratic entry into the labor market,” Wilfried Porth, Director of Labor Relations, said in a statement.

Employing a few hundred and donating money and help to a few aid organizations won’t necessarily relieve the economic burden of an entire country moving within its borders, but the support by German automakers is in stark contrast to how at least one of our presidential contenders fires up support in our automaking locales.

It’s a good day to Daimler.