Spoofed radar ID caused MH-17 shoot down | RedFlag News

(by Guy Smiley) -- In a brilliant analysis on last Sunday’s No Agenda Radio show, Co-host Adam Curry pointed out that there was a joint NATO military exercise called NEWFIP (NATO Electronic Warfare Integration Period) from June 2 to June 6 in Europe, mostly over Hungary. Concurrently, civilian aircraft was disappearing from air traffic control screens twice- on June 5th and June 10th. It only affected aircraft traveling above 23,000 ft., and caused transponder channels A and C to fail. Here is the supporting document (In German): http://adam.curry.com/enc/20140720012844_1801925hunkolinke.pdf

The exercise involved having fighters shadow a civilian aircraft from 4 km back, jamming their civilian transponders, and replacing the signals with a Mil-mode signal.

This caused the civilian transponders to disappear from civilian radar tracking stations, and show up on military radar tracking systems.

Now here's the tricky part. One of the initial stories involved Ukraine fighter(s) traveling nearby the Malaysian plane shortly before it was shot down. 

The headline in the Independent UK article dated 7-22-14:Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash: Ukrainian military jet was flying close to passenger plane before it was shot down, says Russian officer - QUOTE: “In a statement to a press conference today, Lieutenant-General Andrei Kartopolov said the Defence Ministry would like to know “why the military jet was flying along [the same civil aviation lines] at almost the same time and at the same level as a passenger plane.” The SU-25 was, Mr Kartopolov says, gaining height and reached a distance of three to five kilometres from the Boeing 777.”

Also, there were those tweets from the Spanish Air traffic controller, working in Ukraine, who said fighters were flanking the aircraft, followed shortly after by military personnel seizing the facility. His twitter account has since been deleted.

Could the fighter have have been spoofing the ID of the Malaysian craft, in order to get it shot down?

55 other flights, from different countries, flew over that same region that same day, above the 32,000 ft altitude established as the war zone without difficulty. The difference is that the Malaysian plane was a NON-NATO nation country plane. No reprisals would be forthcoming from this non-aligned nation. This plane was chosen as the perfect target.

The anti aircraft battery was performing it's function, while unwittingly shooting down the civilian aircraft, thinking it was another “military invader”.

Russia, who had nothing to gain from this shoot-down, ends up getting the blame. Putin has shown a remarkable amount of restraint, something the US could take a lesson from.

While were casting stones, don’t forget the airlines that our military has accidentally shot down:

Iran Air Flight 655  on 3 July 1988 and TWA Flight 800 onJuly 17, 1996, eighteen years earlier to the day, as witnesses by nearly 750 horrified onlookers.