VIDEO-Sex workers in France decry proposed prostitution law |

French sex workers are angry. A new law being considered by the Senate would no longer penalize the prostitutes but WOULD fine their clients if caught in the act.. and demonstrators converged on the Senate building in Paris to protest. A member of a charitable association that tries to help prostitutes says the change would make life more dangerous for the workers. (SOUNDBITE) (French) MEMBER OF CHARITABLE ASSOCIATION "FRIENDS OF THE BUS FOR WOMEN", ELISABETH, SAYING: "So the impact on female sex workers is that they will have to hide and to hide means living a more precarious life." One sex worker says prostitutes pay taxes just like other citizens, and should be treated like them. (SOUNDBITE) (French) SEX WORKER, ORLENA, SAYING: "The government's job is to protect us -- not to persecute us, nor to persecute our clients. We pay taxes like everyone else, we should have rights too. We ask for a law that recognizes our job." The law has been hotly-debated for two years, a disagreement - like the ancient profession itself - that shows no sign of going away.