Turkey’s “Russian Drone Shootdown Story” is a Repeat of Ukraine Propaganda from 2014… is it the same drone?

by Scott Creighton

Turkey’s tiny little drone shoot-down story is actually a rehash of another propaganda effort from a year ago in Ukraine. And in fact, they very well might have used the same drone. ಠ_ಠ

I don’t know if the Turkish military are in bed with the CIA or what, but the story is the EXACT same thing someone tried in Ukraine back in May of 2014.

“An unmanned aerial vehicle shot down by Ukrainian army on May 28 (2014), according to preliminary report, is a type of “Orlan-10″ UAV produced by Russia, the Security Service of Ukraine’s spokesman said.” Kiev Post, May 2014

Turkish military claims they dispatched a fighter jet to take care of what appears to be a hobbyists glider drone. They claim they made 3 attempts to contact it before their fighter took it out. Here’s what is left of it.

First of all, this thing wasn’t downed by a fighter jet. It would have been torn to shreds by a machine gun on one of those things and a rocket would have turned it into dust like all those concrete floors in the Twin Towers on 9/11 (how did that happen again? Oh yeah… “gravity”)

This thing looks like someone just put it there.

As a matter of fact… it looks an AWFUL lot like that “Russian drone” from Ukraine, doesn’t it?

The story is out that this thing is a Russian made Orlan-10 . It looks like a variation of it.

Shortly afterwards, reports emerged citing a source in Turkey’s General Staff, claiming that the UAV was actually a Russian-made Orlan-10. RT

But isn’t that funny? When the Ukraine wanted to demonize Russia, they just happened to shoot down a Russian Olan-10 drone and then use that to prove Russia was involved militarily in Ukraine.

Now, as Russia is working to demolish our CIA-backed terrorists in Syria, Turkey’s corrupt military leaders just happen to find the exact same Russian Olan-10 flying around in Turkish airspace and they take it out with Nurf darts fired from a Turkish fighter jet.

Yeah right.


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