VIDEO-Obama’s Social Media Expert Praises NBC for Helping Push White House Propaganda | MRCTV

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During Tuesday’s fawning Today show special at the White House, President Obama’s chief digital officer Jason Goldman appeared on the broadcast and congratulated the hosts for serving as a propaganda tool for the administration: “I think you guys do this really well with the Today show. You know, the stuff you've been doing this morning, showing stuff behind the scenes is really great...and I think it’s the kind of thing that people look for.”

That praise was prompted by co-host Matt Lauer touting: “Twitter recently released a list of its most re-tweeted tweets of 2015....from President Obama, we got in here on the list his reaction to the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling last year. And another moment that went viral, the President surprised some tourists on his way to a meeting. Why do you think moments like that get so much attention?”