VIDEO-Oh CRAP! Look What Happens When College Kids Are Asked WHY They Support Bernie Sanders… - Patriot Update

We are so freaking doomed. Jesse Watters of Fox News decided to visit the University of Oregon and ask some obviously brain dead students why they support Bernie Sanders. It was just jaw dropping. They stated that he was for wealth redistribution and they like that, but they couldn’t tell you how it would be done. They wanted the wealthy taxed more, but couldn’t answer why that should be done since our current taxes are already being used for corruption and not on the things they should pay for. They were all for free education, but couldn’t say exactly who would pay for it. They want war stopped, but didn’t have an answer for how we would then stop ISIS. It was a morons-on-parade moment if I ever saw one. These students don’t even know what a Democratic Socialist is, but they definitely want more of it. Facepalm.

From Right Wing News:

Watters asked several students which of Sanders’ policies they support.

“That’s so hard to, like, pinpoint,” one answered.

“I think my favorite of his would probably be his health care policy,” another said.

“I really like his redistribution of wealth policy,” one replied.

Watters also asked the kids what the term, “Democratic socialist” means. And while they appeared not to really know the meaning, they agreed we “actually need more of that.”

I especially like the student who said we should just have a conversation with ISIS. Then Watters asked her how that would go if they beheaded her at the negotiations table. Crickets. Watters ran rings around these kids and they didn’t even get that they appeared to be nothing more than airhead Marxist tools. Useful idiots to be sure. The crowning glory was the ditz in the polar bear costume protesting global warming. Let’s see… we have a revolutionary gender studies student, a global warming protester, a proud gay and some guy that looked like he was high far too much of the time. If this is representative of our youth now, we might as well call it a day. Sigh. 8, 2016