Todd Phelps for Congress | Texas - Todd Phelps For Congress

Fellow Texans,

My name is Todd Phelps and I’m proud to announce that I am a Conservative Republican running to represent the 21st District in the United States Congress.

Washington is broken. Immigration insanity has ruled for the last 30 years—immigration insanity given to us by Washington insiders from both the Democrat and Republican parties. This immigration policy insanity gave visas and entry to many of the nine eleven hijackers, the Boston marathon bombers and countless other radical Islamic terrorists that have sought to do us harm. Not only has the lack of will to crack down on illegal immigration put us in harms way from criminal subcultures, it has caused death and injury to Americans and immigrants that are human trafficked within in this insane framework. In addition, this immigration insanity has cost innumerable jobs to American citizens and legal residents.

I’m running for Congress because I believe it’s time to get rid of the Washington insiders—the life-long politicians—and replace them with common sense individuals who listen to the people. I believe it’s time for a new generation of candidates to rise up who get their campaign contributions from the people, not from the special interest lobby and major corporations that benefit from these insane immigration policies that cost and endanger the people of America. When we start to enforce the laws and prosecute illegal immigration, the estimated 11 million illegals will head-on home on their own.

This is why I am running for Congress. I am here to take on the immigration insanity for a better America and safer existence for all. In addition to the corrupt insider influencers, forces within the Democratic party have crushed the insider Republicans when it comes to messaging the extreme Democratic agenda to the public. The insider Republicans have failed to effectively communicate and sell the conservative principles of self reliance to Generation X, Generation Y and Millennials. The life-long insiders fail to connect and don’t understand the messaging machine they are up against. I am here to change that. I am here to not only make America great in the future, but amazing for all of us who want to strive to make our lives better. I am here to empower congress’ role as law maker, messenger and the people’s branch to block any imperial presidency. The current insider Republican Congress has forgotten their role as we the people. I am here to change that and return our country to greatness starting by running for Congress.

I am asking for your vote, but I also need your support. Would you consider making a donation to my campaign? Your support will help me begin to return us to greatness and beyond. I also need your help by asking your friends and family to support my campaign by voting, getting the word out and by making a donation to help me get the message out. We are up against the insider money and it will be an uphill battle. We do not need as much as them as our message is the right one, but it will take a lot to let all of the voters in the district know about the campaign and our message. We can change the culture of Washington and return to greatness. Please help me and together we will triumph.

For Liberty,

Todd Phelps