Tejas Vakil for Congress



A Different Kind of Democrat

Fiscally Responsible

Socially Liberal

For an Assertive but Sensible Foreign Policy

Supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Pro-Choice on Abortion, strongly supports Equal Pay for Equal Work

For Equal Rights for LGBT Community, pro Gay Marriage


Why am I running

I believe that America is the one indispensable nation in the world today. But to remain indispensable we need a government that is not tied down by ideological gridlock. We cannot lead the world and alleviate its problems if we cannot solve our own.

We have a national debt that is spiraling out of control, the service of which will imperil our future ability to fund economic growth, national security, or infrastructure investment. A long, costly, and ill-advised war in Iraq has now exhausted our ability to deal effectively with Islamic terrorist outfits like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, or respond to belligerence from Russia and China. There is urgent need for reform of our tax system, entitlements, and immigration policy, and we still need a solution to rising healthcare costs. The list goes on.

Lamar Smith, our incumbent Congressman for the last 30 years, has been a pillar of the Republican establishment...the same establishment that is responsible for the gridlock in Washington, that has pushed for government shutdowns, taken the country into an ill-considered and costly war in Iraq, and has an extreme position on immigration. It is time for a change.

I want to go to Washington to help define and push for non-partisan, practical solutions to our nation’s challenges.

Why am I the best Democrat?

I can beat Lamar Smith because, with my policies, I can attract independents and moderate Republicans to vote for me. That is critically important in this gerrymandered district, which we Democrats have lost in 15 straight elections because we've run traditional progressive campaigns that cannot broaden our base of support.

My opponent in the Democratic primary is a far left-wing candidate who has impractical and utopian ideas about wealth distribution, free healthcare, and free college education - without realistic plans for funding these programs.

My policy initiatives are designed to grow the overall economy to create the wealth necessary to pay for the programs that we Democrats care about.