VIDEO-Video: President Obama Unloads On Trump And The GOP | Crooks and Liars

President Obama made a trip to Austin, Texas today to speak at the SxSW Conference about the intersection of technology and government and then headed out to a fundraiser. At that fundraiser, he unloaded on Republicans, and Donald Trump in particular.

It was delicious. Via Twitter:

There's a debate inside of the other party that is fantasy, and school yard taunts, and sellin' stuff like it's the home shopping network," Obama said.

Obama also again mocked establishment Republicans who he argues say, "We're shocked someone is fanning anti-immigrant or anti-muslim sentiment! We're shocked! We're shocked that someone could be loose with the facts. Or distort someone's record. Shocked!"

"How could you be shocked? This was the guy who was sure I was born in Kenya. And wasn't letting go...As long as it was being directed at me they were fine with it. It was a hoot...and suddenly they're shocked that gambling's going on in this establishment," he said.

Obama called Trump "A distillation of what has been going on in their party for more than a decade. This is the message that's been fed, that you just deny the evidence of science. That compromise is a betrayal. That the other side isn't simply wrong, we disagree. The other side is destroying the country. Or treasonous. Look it up, that's what they've been saying. So they can't be surprised when somebody says, "I can make up stuff better than that.'"

"The reaction is something they have to take responsibility for and then make an adjustment," Obama insisted.