Federal government is building a border wall for Tunisia, not America

Tunisia completed combination fence/wall to close itself off from neighboring Libya. The 125 mile barrier is there to keep combatants from the Islamic State from entering from Libya, where there has been open warfare between factions trying to control the oil-rich country, among which are elements of the Islamic State.


Tunisian Defense Minister Farhat Horchani inspected the first completed segment of the fence on February 6. Horchani said the project was made possible through financial assistance from Germany and the United States. Military personnel and dozens of journalists were also given a tour, which is made of sand along with water-filled moats and monitoring centers.


The initiative was announced by Tunisia during the summer of 2015 after terrorists killed more than 59 foreign tourists.


The announcement of the Defense Ministry barrier was made after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested that he would build an effective barrier along the U.S./Mexico border once he occupies the white House. He was criticized by Democrats and immigration advocates for proposing a project that they believe would be both expensive and ineffective.