Woman Leading Flint Lead Poisoning Lawsuit Found Shot Dead in Her Home

6 ABC screengrab

Sasha Avonna Bell, a woman leading the drive to sue the Michigan government over the Flint lead poisoning water crisis, has been found shot and killed in her home, M Live reports. She had claimed that her child was poisoned by the water after it was switched from the Detroit water system to the Flint river, (which officials hadn’t applied corrosion inhibitors to).

Another woman, Sacorya Renee Reed, was also found shot and killed in the home. Their bodies were discovered on April 19th.

“Sasha was a lovely young woman who cared deeply for her family, and especially for her young child,” said her attorney Corey M. Stern. “Her tragic and senseless death has created a void in the lives of so many people that loved her. Hopefully, her child will be lifted up by the love and support from everyone who cared deeply for Sasha.”

A 1-year-old was found unharmed in the home. Police haven’t confirmed if it was Bell’s child.

Those supporting Bell’s landmark suit have vowed that it will continue. No charges have been filed in the shooting.


Featured image via ABC 6 screengrab