ISIS militants enter Sweden to 'target civilians' Stockholm | Daily Mail Online

An ISIS terror cell has reportedly entered Sweden and is planning on carrying out acts of terror in its capital.

'Seven or eight' ISIS terrorists are already in the country with the aim of attacking civilian targets in Stockholm, according to Iraqi security services.

Sweden has the second highest 'ISIS fighters per capita' in the EU, with intelligence services identifying around 300 who have left the country to join jihadists in the Middle East since 2013. 

Warning: A cell of 'seven or eight' ISIS terrorists are already in Sweden and planning on carrying out a terrorist attack in the capital, according to Iraqi security services

'Swedish security service has received information from Iraqi security officials that seven to eight ISIS terrorists have entered Sweden to carry out acts of terror in Stockholm,' Expressen reports. 

'According to the information, the terrorists are planning to attack civilian targets in the capital.' 

The Swedish Security Service,  national task force and the Stockholm Police have officially gone into a 'heightened state of readiness' after acting on the Iraqi intelligence, Swedish media reports.

While the Swedish Security Service (Säkerhetspolisen) would not confirm the reports in both Expressen and Aftonbladet - Scandinavia's biggest tabloid newspapers - but said they are working on analysing the intelligence received.   

The Swedish Security Service said in a statement that although it is not unusual to receive intelligence of this nature, in this case it was judged that action had to be taken.

Under threat: ISIS's plan is reportedly to strike against civilians in the Swedish capital of Stockholm

According to Expressen, Swedish security officials travelled to Iraq on Monday to try to get more information on the planned terror attack. 

'The Swedish Security Service receive this kind of information relatively often in all of our areas of operation,' a statement reads.

'While sometimes it is more or less reliable, sometimes more or less concrete, it has been ruled that this information is of such character that it can not be dismissed.'  

Sweden has the second most ISIS fighters per capita in the EU, second only to Belgium, recent statistics show.

Sweden has the second highest number of ISIS fighters per capita in the European Union with 300 people having left the country to fight for the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria since 2013

Some 300 people have left Sweden to join the terrorist organisation in Iraq and Syria in the past two years.

Around half of these are from the city of Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city with a population of around 500,000 people.

This makes Gothenburg the European city which, in proportion to population, 'contributes the highest number of people to violent extremism,' Swedish integration police chief Ulf Boström said last year, branding it 'ISIS's recruiting ground in the EU'.

The current threat is reportedly only concerning the capital Stockholm.