Refugees refuse to budge from makeshift Idomeni border camp in Greece | euronews, world news

Greek authorities are urging refugees to leave a makeshift Idomeni camp close to the border with the FYR of Macedonia border and move to official reception centres elsewhere is the country.

“We will stay here. Where can we go? If we go back it’s a bigger problem.No one should forget what happened to us; in the new camp nobody will help us, nobody will speak about us, no press, no help. It’s a big problem,” said one migrant, another complained that one camp is the same as any other:“All the people who have moved to the new camps say its just the same, the same kind of life. They give you one portion of pasta and a piece of bread, is it enough for human being to survive on.”

Many cling to the hope that the borders will reopen and they will be allowed tocontinue on their journey across Europe, primarily to Germany.

Human rights groups say living conditions are appalling and the health risks high.