VIDEO-What Happened when MS Welfare Recipients Had to Work?

Steven CrowderTuesday April 5 2016

So this happened. Mississippi passed a law that says welfare recipients need to find a job or volunteer in order to receive benefits. What happened next will SHOCK AND AMAZE YOU OMG OMG OMG!! Except, the opposite of that… 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

Fayard said even though the work is hard, he doesn’t mind putting in long hours in order to keep his benefits.

“I’m not as much focused on consequences of a politician’s decision or a policy change,” said Fayard. “I’m more focused on my reality and my stance right now, and I’m actually just trying to get by day to day.”

Other volunteers also started in hopes of keeping their benefits, while at the same time enjoying having a job to do.

“Really, it’s more of a job opportunity to help you get out into the job world, and being up here helps you out a lot,” said volunteer Sharon House.

“As tough as it may be, if I’ve got to do it, I can’t let anything stop me or get in my way. I have goals, I have dreams, it’s life,” said Percy.

Wait, so instead of complaining about mean politicians or crying racism… they just went out to get a job? Furthermore, they are happier about getting a job, or volunteering, or otherwise working?

So it turns out, work is actually good for people. It seems that if you elevate people and exalt them to where you want them to be, many will rise to the occasion. Sometimes people who may even surprise you. Sometimes people who may even surprise themselves. The great thing about this story is that you see two undeniable tenets of Conservatism at play.

  1. Never underestimate the power of self-preservation. If someone needs to work in order to eat, they will work.
  2. Human beings were designed to be purposeful, and are happier and more fulfilled when living that way. Sure, not working would be easier, and that’s why most people would take the option when afforded to them. But time and time again, we see that it doesn’t make human beings happier.

But, what about all of that “systemic racism” talk? You know, the leftist arguments that forcing someone to work for welfare is demeaning and cruel, what about all of that?

Oh. Oh it was just another crock of festering horse feces, designed to buy more votes from non-contributing zeroes? Well, I guess that makes sense.