Masturbating on Sleeping Females is a Unique Part of Turkish Culture | Daily Stormer

Info StormerMay 29, 2016

Armies of Turkish masturbation addicts could soon be on their way to provide cultural enrichment for Europe.

In Turkey there has been public anger after a bus employee masturbated and ejaculated on a sleeping female passenger.

I fail to understand why so many people are angry about this.  Moslem men ejaculating on sleeping females is a unique part of Turkish culture that we must embrace.

The people who are upset about this are ignorant and do not understand the vibrancy of Turkish culture.

Turkish authorities were correct in not detaining the man.  They realize that this type of behavior is a cornerstone of Turkish culture.

Let’s hope the European Union allows unlimited numbers of Turks into Europe.  This will ensure that Europe can be fully enriched with an army of Turkish masturbation addicts.


There has been public outrage in Turkey after an employee at one of the country’s largest bus companies was caught masturbating on a sleeping passenger. The victim says it reflects “the oppressive environment against women” in the country.

During a journey from Muğla to İstanbul on Tuesday, a Metro Turizm bus assistant identified only by the initials C.G. is reported to have started masturbating beside a woman, known only as C.D., while she was asleep on the vehicle.

The woman is understood to have been woken up by the sound of the man, who is reported to have ejaculated on the woman’s face and clothing.

“I was tempted and I did it,” the bus assistant reportedly told his bosses at Metro Turizm, according to Hurriyet Daily News.

With the help of another passenger, who happened to be a lawyer, the woman called the Gendarmerie, who met the bus at the following stop, with the Turkish Sun reporting that the woman waited for almost an hour with semen on her face until the authorities arrived, so it could be used as evidence.

It’s understood that the man was questioned by authorities but was then released, which has left many people angry.

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