TWEETS-Protesters Say Gorilla Was Shot Because of “White Privilege”. Here’s Why That’s Idiotic.

Everyone in America is talking about the gorilla that was shot at the Cincinnati zoo last week. Not all of the conversation makes sense. Take for example these tweets that equate the killing of the gorilla with “white privilege.”

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That’s right, it wasn’t bad parenting, poor enclosure design, or an inquisitive child that caused Harumbe to be killed. It was racism. On with the tweets.

There’s a logic there. And the author isn’t saying it’s exactly the same, just that it sounds familiar.

White privilege! No doubt about it. There’s no surprise that zoos are a leftover vestige of our colonial past, and since white people are the only people who go to zoos, I’d say Hood Intellect is onto something. White people love them some zoos.

Ah, here’s an argument central to the black lives matter movement. The 4-year-old, who weighed in somewhere around 30 pounds, give or take, goes up against a gorilla that weighs 440 pounds–but the gorilla didn’t have a firearm, so he clearly wasn’t a threat.

Now we’re seeing a trend. And it is a dangerous trend. We’ll come back to that. Cracker. Now that stings.

The trend is this tendency to equate the gorilla with black people. It isn’t enough that we anthropomorphize the gorilla, giving it a human name and human characteristics, but these people are now equating the gorilla with a black man.

Thankfully, it hasn’t escaped the notice of some who have the power to call this ludicrous tendency for what it is. If I was to call it, it would be just another example of white privilege. God help anyone who makes this kind of racist conflation of gorillas or monkeys and any human beings. That, I thought, we really had put behind us.

LOL. I’m not sure this is a LOL matter. But I know it isn’t worthy of this response below, unless Paul Joseph Watson was simply wanting to throw gas on the flames.

There’s one little problem with their whole theory. It wasn’t a 4-year-old white boy. His parents are Deonne Dickerson and Michelle Gregg, pictured here: