VIDEO-Those aggravating airport lines? It’s really the TSA’s fault: ‘Founding father’

"What we have is a system that needs to be completely rebuilt," said Boyd, who runs his own consulting firm, Boyd Group International. He added that the near total security test failure points to the need for more extreme changes at the TSA.

"We had a 95 percent failure rate, that alone doesn't mean you change things, you throw the people out at the top. If anybody thinks this is better than what we had before 9/11, you're dreaming,"said Boyd. "This is all for show and not a lot of go."

Both men pointed to the fact that, in the TSA's 15 year history, there have been six administrators.

"Turnover at the top that does create a situation where the next run down becomes kind of the permanent leadership of the agency," Blank said.

When asked if he thought the issues at TSA will be fixed anytime soon, Boyd replied, "No way."

"Let's stop acting as if the TSA is the victim of something that came along. We are the victims of really, really bad sloppy management and that's why we're paying the price."