EWAO McDonalds To Close 700 Locations After Major Profit Losses

What are your thoughts on McDonald’s? If you’re a dedicated consumer, reading this article may expose you to some new information that may or may  not change your mind about McDonalds.

According to the Washington Times, McDonald’s will be closing a total of approximately 700 stores by the end of this year. The main reason is due to falling sales and continuous financial struggles. I also believe it has a lot to do with their food quality and the way that their menu’s ingredients are used.

I’m sure we’ve all been exposed to the sickening videos that are exposed on the internet about McDonald’s ingredients not being legit but instead them being dramatically altered to fit something that is not. For instance, I have personally read various articles about the chicken nuggets served at McDonald’s. Apparently, the nuggets are not necessarily what McDonald’s claims they are but instead they are composed of a pink substance that makes them. Below is a video so that you can see or yourself.

“After decades of aggressive expansion, the chain, now with 35,000 outlets worldwide, has been retrenching in recent years. Even before the turnaround plan was unveiled, the company said it would double the number of store closures this year to around 700.”

Skeptical right? Well obviously rumors will be rumors but who knows if this is true.

Also, aside from this issue, the call for non-GMO food has been demanded so long and it is only obvious that consumers no longer want processed foods that are genetically altered. Yes, it is indeed a fast food chain restaurant which means that the food should be fast right? Wrong. This does not mean consumers should be fed plastic or pure chemicals. Essentially, the chain is only profiting more and consumers are not even obtaining the nutrients they pay for. Despite McDonald’s attempting to put out balanced meal options, consumers demand non-GMO foods.



In order to meet the consumers demands, farmers are being forced to import organic crops from international vendors.

Christina Sarich reported in February of this year for Natural Society:

“Over 20,000 stores now offer organic food products. A report has shown that in 2012, more than $28.4 million was spent on healthful organic food, and that number has grown since the report published such findings. According to Nutrition Business Journal, organic food sales will reach a startling $35 billion this year. For those of us who don’t take our health for granted, this is just the beginning of a food revolution.”

The only thing left for McDoanld’s to do is to frankly convince their customers that they really are using ingredients that are non-GMO just as the customers demand.

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Sources: healthy-holistic-living.com

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