BREAKING: #PhilandoCastile From #FalconHeightsShooting Was Crips Gang Member - GotNews

Here we go again! Yet another fraud!

Why does the media always lie to you about police shootings of gangbangers?

Why did Philando Castile praise and join the Crips if he a good boy?

Is #FalconHeightsShooting an elaborate hoax perpetrated by a disturbed young woman who is shacking up with a now dead gang banger? It sure looks that way.

We’ve got a black guy wearing blue shirt, blue pants, blue cap, blue bandanna, making vague “C” gestures/poses, with guy whose side bitch implied he was a crip, who is part of a crips FB group, who posts FB status referencing Crips. And we’re supposed to believe the nonsense the anti-white media is selling us. Don’t buy it.

Here’s the proof he was a Crip.

Philando is a Crip

He’s giving a middle finger to the camera. The media is giving a middle finger to you.

gang members

Crips going to crip

There are a lot of problems with the current media narrative concerning #PhilandoCastile but you wouldn’t know it from our anti-cop, anti-white media.

Castile even joined a pro-Crips Facebook page.

Lavish loved her a crip. Was she talking about Philando Castile?

Yet again is here to tell you the truth. You should really donate to us because we are staying up all night on this one and because I’m paying for the shitty wifi on the United Flight I’m on.

Now about that shooting and the video…

Note the most important detail: THE ACTUAL SHOOTING WAS NOT CAUGHT ON CAMERA and Lavish/Diamond Reynolds cannot be trusted to report the truth.11:59 Lavish/Diamond Reynolds is claiming that her Crip lover had a gun on him, as well as a CCW permit and was reaching for it, but in the same breath was lying that the guy was dead but he was alive, right next to her, and lying that he was her boyfriend (his FB status is single, hers is married [a lie], and elsewhere she wrote she’s a single mom).

She is also has a totally flat and unemotional tone throughout the video.

Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds has a history of drug use.

Lavish/Diamond Reynolds clearly in the driver’s seat of a moving car, taking a selfie with a bottle of whiskey

Loving that drugs and alcohol

Is she still in contention for single mother of the year?

Oddly revealing

Well that’s normal!

Was she happy that this loser who wastes her time (as one of her FB memes would say), finally died in a spectacular way and she was there to catch it on video, removing him from her life and also bringing her a lot of attention and potentially money if she plays herself up as the victim?

Read her own message:

“i love you but i dnt need you , you couldn’t compare to me on ya worse day, lavish it’s a life style , what you see is what you get , im not perfect but im worth it , cancer &leos world , I’ll sit back laugh an watch karma do all the work , god has a plan for me what’s your excuse , i don’t want your man he’s old news , i like girls dat like girls who party all night like white girls , my dreams are so.much bigger working on a master plane one kid is enough for me nomore fucking unless it’s all me , sharing ain’t always caring ,you mad bro ?, still gave me head emoji im bi stfw

It sure looks like The Crip’s side bitch, who is a single mom (with an unhealthy fixation on marijuana and alcohol) desperate for money and attention, is brazenly lying to profit off of his death.

The plot thickens…

Cops reason for pulling him over was a busted taillight? Both seem to be working to me.

— Just Call Me Mister (@MisterMetokur) July 7, 2016

The narrative is already moving quickly.

“Clarence Castile, Philando Castile’s uncle, told CNN that the family is devastated.“We all know my nephew was a good kid and we want justice as well as relief,” he said.Castile said that Philando worked as a kitchen supervisor for the St. Paul School District. The last time the two of them spoke was in May. They talked about setting up a nest egg for Philando’s eventual retirement.“My nephew has a (concealed carry) permit, and still got killed for carrying a gun … this needs to stop. This happens so often.”

We agree. We need to stop lying about gang bangers trying to get their lives together and admit they are what they are.

He liked violence.

Here’s some more evidence too because damn there’s a lot of it.

It’ll be interesting to see how our media deals with Philando Castile’s anti-gay, anti-Jewish views.. They’ll probably ignore them.

How was Lavish Castile’s girlfriend if he’s single on Facebook?

He sure loved expensive booze. Pour one out for the homies?

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