TX Governor Greg Abbott: Dallas Gunman Micah Xavier Johnson “Left Well Outlined Manifesto”…

Texas governor Greg Abbott revealed the Dallas shooter, Micah X Johnson, left a complete manifesto discussing his ideological beliefs and grievances.  So it should not be too difficult for the FBI and local law enforcement to identify his specific motive, and allegiances.

In addition, the Daily Mail is revealing his home was filled with bomb making material,  ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition and a personal journal of combat tactics.  However, you can be guaranteed we won’t find the MSM chasing down that manifesto any time soon; it cuts against their preferred narrative.

According to Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller Micah Johnson’s Facebook page suggests that he supported the Black Power movement and black activist groups.

His page shows that he “liked” the several Black Lives Matter chapters, including those in St. Paul and Minneapolis, where Philando Castile was killed by a police officer during a traffic stop on Wednesday.

He also “liked” the Huey P. Newton Gun Club. The group, which is named after the founder of the Black Panthers, is headquartered in Dallas. The group’s website does not include any images of Johnson or references to him.

One picture from Johnson’s Facebook page shows him holding up a “black power” fist while wearing traditional African attire. A vehicle with a Texas license plate can be seen in the background.  (read more link)

Pictured: Micah Johnson with Professor Griff of Public Enemy