EXCLUSIVE: 'Dump Trump' RNC Delegate Leader: We 'Have The 28 Votes' To Unbind Delegates | Daily Wire

Over the weekend, The Daily Wire had the opportunity to speak with Kendal Unruh, a member of the Colorado Republican delegation to the Republican National Convention. Unruh is also a member of the Rules Committee at the RNC, and a leading advocate for a vote that would unbind the delegates from the candidates to which their state primaries are pledged.

Unruh explained that "28 committee members are required to pass a minority report, which then goes to the convention floor for all delegates to vote on. It then requires a simple majority to pass." She added that she does "have the 28 votes required for the minority report," continuing, "Not everyone who is with us is willing to be public yet, due in part to the threats being made by Trump's campaign and the RNC itself."

Unruh added that the role of a responsible delegate required unbinding the delegates: 

It is the duty of the delegates to represent the best interests of their states and to select a Republican candidate who actually represents our party and who can beat Hillary in November. That's not Donald Trump. We don't live in a straight democracy, where majority rule has the absolute say. We have a measured, representative form of government that allows time for discussion, fact-finding, and wisdom before our elected representatives make the final decision. Many new facts have come out since the early primaries that should disqualify Trump, and the delegates have historically always been the final stop-gate through which our party's nominee must pass. Trump didn't even get the vote of a majority of Republicans, and over 50% agree that he should not be our nominee. In fact, he would be the first Republican nominee to receive the nomination with more votes cast against him in the primaries than for him.

Unruh urged Republicans who want to dump Trump at the convention to "call and email the rules committee members from their state"; she pledged to coordinate efforts through Delegates Unbound, an organizating group available at delegatesunbound.com and on Facebook by clicking here.  

Unruh stated that should the delegates be unbound, Trump is likely to lose the nomination: "An internal survey conducted by RNC member Randy Evans (Georgia), who is trying to help Trump lock up the nomination, told the Wall Street Journal that only 890 delegates are personally loyal to Trump. Evans claims 680 are known to be opposed to Trump, and he says that 900 delegates are 'in play.' So, no, Trump certainly does not have this locked up - particularly if delegates are allowed to vote their consciences."

Unruh further said that enthusiasm for the Dump Trump movement was "growing...Every day, we get traction on our social media accounts. We are contacted by delegates and by citizens who want to help. We hear from Republicans who believe that the freedom of conscience is a constitutional right that we must hold dear and protect in this society that strays ever further from the Constitution and our founding ideals. The enthusiasm is also growing because Donald Trump continues to prove that he is not a serious candidate with a serious organization, a serious on-the-ground campaign, or serious responses to the issues Republicans and Americans care about. People see that the Republican nominee should have no trouble beating Hillary - the most corrupt politician to run for president in history - and yet Trump is getting trounced."

Here was Unruh's explanation of her personal opposition to Trump:

Simply put, he doesn't represent our party and he can't win in November. Not only do the moral objections to his candidacy run deep, but his positions are also absolutely untrustworthy. He speaks by the seat of his pants and floats ideas out into thin air only to retract them the next day when they are ill-received. Republicans deserve a candidate who is grounded - in morals, in policy, and in constitutional truths. It's not that Trump isn't our preferred candidate or that we're sore losers because our guy didn't win. Donald Trump has only - conveniently - become a Republican in recent years, and even after switching his registration, he's continued his personal donations to corrupt, liberal Democrats. How can he run against Hillary when he's funded her? When he spoke to Bill Clinton on the phone prior to announcing his candidacy? Trump can't win against Hillary in November because people don't trust him either. The American citizens will continue to catch on to the fact that Trump is an entertainer who knows how to tickle ears and elicit enthusiasm. But ear-bait quickly turns into into insanity, as we've already seen, and Trump is already losing so badly to Hillary that it would be nearly impossible for him to recover by November. The delegates need to be free to choose a different nominee so that we can win in November and set the Supreme Court on the right side of the future.

The Rules Committee is scheduled to meet next week.


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