VIDEO-CLINTON APOLOGIZES FOR MKULTRA-Clinton apologizes for the Human Radiation Experiments on Vimeo

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Part of President Clinton's apology for the Human Radiation Experiments on October 3, 1995. (The conversion from WMV to Vimeo's format has resulted in very low-quality playback. A 25 minute video is available in C-SPAN's archives; see - the URL may change, but you can search C-SPAN's archives for "Human Radiation Experiments". The official admission starts at 16:37.)

This video has been portrayed as an apology for MKULTRA, but it's not - search for the spoken words in quotes and you'll find the complete apology on the Department of Energy's web site.

Clinton's apology was overshadowed by the OJ Simpson trial verdict and subsequent media circus, a few hours later - that's probably not a coincidence. The mislabeling of this video as an "MKULTRA apology" is probably also not a coincidence.